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Decided to add a rower to your home gym? That’s a pretty smart move, Mojambo. Rowing is a total body workout that works a whopping 84 percent of your muscles, so it’s a sweet way to get in shape without a ton of different equipment. And the Echelon Row is definitely a machine worth considering.

This smart rower scores major points for being relatively affordable and super quiet, plus it folds up to save on space. Let’s take a look at the deets to see if it’s the right choice for you.

The pros

  • more affordable than other smart rowers
  • smooth, quiet ride
  • folds down to save space
  • fitness platform gives you access to tons of different classes, including scenic rides
  • 32 resistance options that you can adjust with the handlebar buttons
  • ergonomic seat
  • syncs with your fitness app

The cons

  • doesn’t have its own screen
  • no assembly available
  • have to pay extra for shipping in most cases
  • not the best return policy or warranty
  • have to subscribe to fitness platform, at least initially
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The Echelon Row is a smart, foldable rower that delivers a solid home rowing experience for a good price. Like lots of home workout equipment these days, you buy the machine plus a membership to access the brand’s fitness classes so you can customize your exercise experience.

At less than half the price of the Hydrow, the Echelon Row is a more affordable option that users say still feels high quality. One of the biggest differences — and one of the things that makes it so much cheaper — is the fact that the Row doesn’t come with a screen. Instead, you stream Echelon’s fitness classes from your own tablet or smartphone, which you can tuck right into the machine’s rotating console.

The rower itself is comfortable and customizable, with an ergonomic seat and 1.7” rail angle so you can get the optimal rowing position. You can also use the handlebar controls to toggle between 32 magnetic resistance levels.

Made of steel and aluminum, the Echelon Row is smooth and durable — and quiet. This thing is billed as not making a ton of noise, and users agree that it really lives up to the promise. So, nice if you live with other people or just don’t feel like losing your focus to a bunch of, like, clanking.

Another good thing about the Row: It’s available now. While a ton of home workout machines and equipment are on backorder or are taking waitlists, you can buy this thing and be row, row, rowing within a matter of days.

The Echelon Row is currently priced at $999, with financing options as low as $27/month. That might sound like a lot, but it’s a lot more affordable than other smart rowers on the market.

You’ll pay a little more than the sticker price, though, to get the actual machine up and running at home. Along with the purchase of your machine, you’ll have to buy a subscription to Echelon United, the brand’s fitness platform featuring live and on-demand fitness classes. There are a few ways to pay for that:

  • $39.99 per month, billed monthly
  • $33.33 per month, billed annually
  • $29.16 per month, billed every 2 years

The standard $200 shipping fee is waived if you opt for the 2-year fitness plan commitment.

As for setup? Right now Echelon isn’t offering it because of COVID-19. So you’ll have to assemble the rower yourself after it’s dropped off. The brand has a video tutorial to help you out in that department, which users say is pretty helpful.

OK, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are all the stats on the Echelon Row:

  • 84.46″ long
  • 41.73″ tall
  • 20.47″ wide
  • 124 lbs.
  • 300 lb. weight limit
  • 32 magnetic resistance levels

Echelon offers a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited parts and labor warranty. So, decent, but not the most generous. If something goes wrong with the Row after your 1-year anniversary, it’s on you.

Since you’ve gotta pay for a subscription to Echelon United, you’re probably wondering if the classes are actually any good. The answer is… yes! Users like them. There are thousands of live and on-demand classes to choose from, including scenic workouts.

The instructors are cool (this year, you can even work out with Mario Lopez, aka AC Slater) and they’ll keep you pretty motivated to compete with other rowers on the leaderboard.

It’s also easy to find exactly the kind of class you’re looking for. Echelon United offers workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes in all difficulty levels. And you can earn badges as you complete workouts, which is always pretty fun!

Other good things: You can track all your stats like your heart rate, calorie burn, distance traveled, and more while you’re rowing. And since the classes are all streaming from your device, it’s easy to sync your stats with an existing fitness app on your phone or tablet. Also, one membership can accommodate up to five user profiles. So you can share with other family members or roommates.

BTW, Echelon United doesn’t just offer rowing classes. They’ve got classes up the wazoo including equipment-free workouts like yoga, HIIT, and Zumba. The fact that the rower’s console rotates and swivels is super convenient for this, since you can turn the screen to face you when you’re not on the machine.

If you’re wondering whether you have to subscribe to Echelon United in order to buy the Row, the answer is yes, at least at first. You can cancel your subscription after your initial purchase (so if you’re on the fence about the classes, it might make sense to buy the month-to-month option first). But if you cancel, you’ll be on the hook for putting together your own workouts since the rower doesn’t have any presets.

The Echelon Row is a high quality, affordable rower that gives you a comfortable, quiet ride. If you’re cool with hooking up your phone or tablet for streaming classes, it’s definitely a good option to consider.