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Biking is good for us, right? Yep — although spending too much time on the seat could do some down-there damage.

Health: Weight of the Union [Infographic] — Anytime Health

A spin on the State of the Union, these guys take a look at our nation’s health and fitness habits, and come up with some encouraging results.

Happiness: 50 Life Secrets and Tips — HighExistence

Need some new ideas to help boost that happiness? Here are 50 creative ways to stay smiling.

Blog Spotlight: More Nutrient-Dense Snacking Ideas — NatureBox

Let’s be real: we all enjoy a good snack here and then. So try some of these snacks packed with key nutrients to keep that energy going throughout the day.

Grab Bag:The Surprising Science of Motivation [Video] — TED

Listen to some stories about motivation and what really drives us to stay inspired. The answers may surprise us all!