Sitting on some extra brisket leftover from a Labor Day BBQ? That’s a darn good problem to have and we’ve got even better solutions for turning your leftover brisket into tasty new meals.  

Barbecued brisket is not only a beautiful and ridiculously delicious thing to have, but the leftovers are amazing. Here are some ideas from the our Home Cooking discussion board on what to do with leftover smoked brisket, well worth bringing out of the archives. And we added a few other options for leftover brisket we love.

1. Chop up leftover brisket as a filling for tacos topped with shredded cabbage, crema, and avocado. thegirlwholovestoeat

2. Barbecued brisket freezes pretty well if you mix it with sauce first—try freezing some in tomato sauce to bake on pizza. lennyk

3. Smoked brisket is incredible in soup. Make your favorite vegetable soup and add the chopped meat during the last 15 minutes of simmering. N Mac

4. Think grilled cheese with bacon is good? Try it with smoked brisket and prepare to swoon.

5. Barbecued brisket makes the best smoky ragu for spooning over polenta or mashed potatoes. goodhealthgourmet

6. Shred your leftover brisket for enchiladas.

7. Breakfast hash takes on a whole new dimension when you make it with barbecued brisket. ticrta

8. Smoked brisket leftovers make the best pot pie or shepherd’s pie you’ll ever taste. ipsedixit

9. Give smoked brisket the chile verde treatment. Chop and add onions, garlic, ground cumin, tomatoes, and poblano chiles that you’ve charred, peeled, and seeded. Cook as you would any other chili (start with step 3 in this White Chicken Chili recipe). ruafoodie

Leftover brisket also works in a tomato-based chili, of course.

10. Make fried rice studded with brisket. Gail Simmons’ Christmas Brisket Fried Rice doesn’t use barbecued brisket, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t!

11. Make a smoky plate of poutine—if it works with BBQ pork (and it does), it’ll work with brisket too.

12. Add your tender brisket to a plate of pasta; try this recipe with porcini, or bring in Hungarian flavors as in our goulash.

13. Obvious idea, but perfect nonetheless: Pile that leftover BBQ brisket on nachos. Nothing better.