If you think the only use for tahini is to make DIY hummus, we've got some (awesome) news for you. Tahini is an incredibly versatile ingredient, lending its creamy richness to tons of sweet and savory recipes. These 19 options use the nutty sesame paste as a base for soups, smoothies, sauces, and even desserts! Word to the wise: Don't be intimidated by the large quantities in which the condiment is sold—after opening, it will stay fresh in the fridge for months.


Chocolate Tahini Smoothie
Photo: Eat Better Not Less

Chocolate for breakfast? Heck yeah! This bowl brings all the flavor of a rich chocolate milkshake, with the nutrients of a fruit-based smoothie. Top with berries to offset the tahini and a handful of crushed nuts or cocoa nibs for texture.

Tahini Uses: Berry Smoothie Bowl
Photo: Will Frolic for Food

Blueberries and tahini are a winning combination. If you haven't tried it yet, we recommend making this smoothie bowl as soon as you get home to your blender. Don’t worry about finding bee pollen for a topping; a drizzle of honey will work just fine (if not better!).

Tahini Uses: Protein Smoothie
Photo: Nutrition Stripped

Thick from blended frozen banana and packed with vanilla protein powder, this smoothie is a post-workout dream. Top each glass with a cloud of cinnamon for a little boost of antioxidants.

Tahini Uses: Date Shake
Photo: Cookie and Kate

Here’s a math problem that's easy to solve: Tahini + dates + 2 frozen bananas = a better-for-you milkshake. Give it a try and you may have just found your new go-to breakfast (or dessert).

Tahini Uses: Green Tahini Smoothie
Photo: The Plant Philosophy

We bet you’re getting a little bored with making the same green smoothie every day (really—us too!). For those who aren’t ready to give up on the green but are looking for a little excitement, blend up a big bowl of this spinach-based tahini smoothie.

Sauces and Dressings

Tahini Uses: Maple Tahini Sauce
Photo: Minimalist Baker

A maple-sweetened tahini sauce unifies the multiple flavors packed into any decent veg-and-protein bowl. This recipe is so simple it comes together in less than a minute, but we’d recommend making a big batch to use all week.

Tahini Uses: Peanut Butter Tahini Sauce
Photo: Love and Lemons

The spicy peanut butter and Sriracha-based sauce brings excitement to any mild recipe. Offset the heat with a glob of honey then pour it over whole-wheat pasta or homemade sesame noodles. We swear, you won’t miss takeout one bit.

Tahini Uses: Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce
Photo: Contentedness Cooking

Tahini is a strong flavor, but sweet roasted garlic and apple cider vinegar challenge the sesame paste in this sauce in the best way possible. Such a powerful dressing pairs perfectly with roasted veggies and nutty whole-wheat pasta.

Tahini Uses: Tahini Citrus Dressing
Photo: Brooklyn Supper

Citrus and tahini may seem like a strange combination, but you’ll change your mind after whipping up this clementine-based dressing. Pour the sweet sauce over any salad and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this for years.

Tahini Uses: Goji Ginger Tahini Cream
Photo: The First Mess

The stunning rust-red color of this tahini sauce comes from dried goji berries (available at most supermarkets and drugstores). Rehydrate the berries with boiling water and blend with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, maple syrup, ginger, and of course, a big spoonful of tahini.


Tahini Uses: Creamy Tahini Asparagus Soup
Photo: Dolly and Oatmeal

This fresh soup is such a lovely light green color you may never go back to chicken noodle. Tahini balances the lemony-asparagus base, and vegetable broth rounds out the strength of the spring onion. Finally, blend the soup for a velvety smooth and creamy bowl.

Tahini Uses: Miso Tahini Soup
Photo: 101 Cookbooks

This isn’t the miso soup you’d order in a Japanese restaurant. White miso paste and tahini take a swim with squash and turnip for a broth so unique you probably haven't had anything like it before. Serve with brown rice, avocado, and crumbled kale to turn a simple soup into a filling meal.

Tahini Uses: Broccoli Tahini Bisque
Photo: Hell Yeah It's Vegan

Bisques aren't just for lobsters and tomatoes. For a vibrant, vegetable-heavy soup that’s also filling and creamy, go out of your comfort zone and make this vegan recipe. Steamed broccoli and spinach give this dish its killer color, while cashews and tahini add a richness that any cream-based soup would envy.

Desserts and Sweet Snacks

Tahini Uses: Chocolate Tahini Oat Bites
Photo: Dishing Up the Dirt

Oh, hello, new favorite snack. Full of protein and natural sweeteners, these bites will rival most bakery brownies (for real). It’s all about embracing tahini’s big flavor while balancing the intensity with cocoa powder, dates, and a little sea salt. Throw a few of these in your bag for that inevitable 4 p.m. snack attack.

Tahini Uses: Brownies
Photo: Happy Hearted Kitchen

The chocolate and tahini duo surprisingly tastes a lot like a peanut butter cup. This brownie recipe is proof. The addition of coconut oil makes for soft, fudgy bars that only get better the next day.

Tahini Uses: Maple Tahini Coconut Granola
Photo: Ex Sloth

Homemade granola wears two hats: When paired with fruit and yogurt, it makes for a filling breakfast, and when tossed with a few handfuls of chocolate chips, it’s a seemingly never-ending dessert (the dream). Balance this maple granola’s sweetness with tahini for a crunchy bite that won’t cause a sugar crash.

Tahini Uses: Tahini Oatmeal Cookies
Photo: Sweet Potato Soul

Classic oatmeal cookie fans are in for a treat with these tahini treats. Sweet and crumbly, these cookies check off both the satisfying snack and incredible dessert boxes. P.S. If you’re avoiding the oven, you’re in luck—the tahini maple batter is totally okay to eat raw.

Tahini Uses: Tahini Banana Bread
Photo: The Conscientious Eater

Vegan banana bread that tastes like cake but is actually full of good-for-you ingredients? Sign us up. We think this quick bread is best served with a smear of nut butter or jam… but it’s pretty good straight out of the baking dish too.

Tahini Uses: Raw Tahini Date Fudge
Photo: The Colorful Kitchen

Fudge sounds tricky, but don’t be scared! Blend dates, tahini, and coconut oil into a smooth paste, then spread it onto a pan and pop it in the freezer. In less than an hour you’ll cut into decadent squares of this melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

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