Shakshuka is our favorite kind of dish: It’s surprisingly simple to make but tastes like you spent hours perfecting it in the kitchen. It’s often as easy as slicing, stirring, baking, and topping with a garnish, but the way the ingredients marry creates a magical flavor and Instagram-worthy appearance. And we’re not just talking about classic shakshuka. Adding proteins, experimenting with spices and sauces, and even omitting the eggs adds another layer to the dish, making it even more delicious—and still just as easy to make.

While we love a good brunch out, these nine shakshuka recipes are all the convincing we need to eat in. We’ll be shak(shuka)ed if you don’t love ’em too.

1. Roasted Eggplant Shakshuka

Over-oiled and over-roasted eggplant can get a bit slimy, but if you brush the slices (per the recipe’s suggestion), you get perfectly browned, crispy bites. Don’t have a brush? Use your fingers. We love the variety of spices and herbs and the subtle tang from the lemon juice and vinegar.

2. Easy Single-Serving Shakshuka

Serving shakshuka is arguably the hardest part. It’s tough to keep the eggs intact and the juices from running all over your guest’s plates—or worse, their shirts. This recipe uses individual cocottes (translation: baby casserole dishes) to perfectly portion each serve. We’re big fans of the halloumi cheese, which is a nice, firm contrast to the rest of the runny dish.

3. Indian-Inspired Shakshuka

Under 10 ingredients? Check. Takes less than 30 minutes to make? Check. Can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Triple check. This Indian twist on the Middle Eastern classic is packed with protein (from chickpeas) and a ton of flavor thanks to the curry sauce and coconut cream. Top with chopped coriander and extra cream, and scoop with fresh naan.

4. Green Shakshuka With Chard, Kale, and Zucchini

Scallions, kale, parsley, romaine, jalapeño, zucchini, Swiss chard… this recipe is as green as it gets. The prep work is a little more involved than other recipes, but the result is a nutrient-packed, super-fresh, tomato-free treat that’s just as savory and decadent-tasting as other variations. To go the extra mile, top with green harissa.

5. Artichoke Shakshuka

If you’re already a shakshuka pro and simply looking to change things up, throw in some artichoke and use goat cheese in place of feta. We also love that this recipe calls for marinara sauce instead of canned tomatoes, giving it a creamier, smoother texture. But don’t change things up too much: This recipe, like most shakshuka dishes, tastes best with warm, crusty bread.

6. Hummus, Shakshuka, and Baked Sweet Potato Chips

While yes, we do love bread and think it’s a great vehicle for runny eggs and tomatoes, we love a good ol’ gluten-free substitute too. In this recipe, crispy sweet potato chips serve as your edible spoon, and we love how their flavor pairs with the creamy hummus and tangy sauce. We’re sure you know this tip well by now, but to save some time, opt for store-bought hummus.

7. Mexican Chipotle Shakshuka

If chilaquiles and shakshuka had a love child, this would be it. Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce add richness to traditional tomatoes, and the jalapeños and corn add a nutritious crunch we’ve been dreaming of our entire shakshuka-eating lives. For extra protein, cook black beans or tofu with the sauce.

8. Vegan Shakshuka

Who needs eggs? This vegan recipe uses silken tofu and spinach leaves to bulk up the diced tomatoes, harissa, and spices. Even if you aren’t vegan, it’s a nice way to change up brunch and try something new. Feel free to experiment with other leafy greens, such as kale and Swiss chard.

9. Shakshuka With Spinach and Harissa

Some things are best as is. This recipe skips the frills and sticks to all the traditional add-ins: yellow onion, red bell pepper, garlic, paprika, cumin, harissa, and crushed tomatoes. Spinach is added right before it goes in the oven, and feta is sprinkled on promptly after baking. For a creamier sauce, add the feta with the spinach. A little melted cheese goes a long way.