• Yield: Five liters
  • Total: 12+ hours 
  • Active: Five minutes 

Ingredients (3)

  • Two liters of whole milk & 400 grams of powdered whole milk
  • Two tablespoons of brown sugar
  • Starter & water to make five liters


  1. Combine two liters of whole milk, couple of Tbsp of brown sugar, and 400 grams of whole powdered milk. Whisk until powdered milk is well incrorporated. Add water until you have five liters. Whisk. Add starter from previous batch (or couple of small cartons of plain yorgurt) and whisk a bit more. Pour into five one-liter containers, place in mw, heat on max for 4:30 and then every one-and-a-half hours for 1:45. I keep going for 12 hours and often let sit for a few more to get really firm stuff.