Popsicles. They're cold, sweet, and ridiculously refreshing. And if one drips down your arm, who cares? Be it fruity or chocolate-dipped, a pop is the best snack when you're looking to feel like a kid again. (Okay, maybe not the boozy option below, but we'll get to that.) These nine icy popsicles are super easy to prepare—just remember to allow time to freeze. No need to buy a pricey mold either: Use little paper cups and straws for the same result.

Popsicles: Iced Coffee

Iced coffee fans may want to forgo the cold brew in favor of one of these pops. Blend strong coffee with nut milk, cashews, and maple syrup in a high-power blender for a base that rivals any coffee ice cream. Sprinkle ground espresso beans into the bottom, because why not add more caffeine?

Popsicles: Pink Lemonade

Remember selling pink lemonade on the street for $0.25 a cup? These popsicles nod to those nostalgic drinks while keeping the sugar at bay. If you’re not into making your own lemonade, we recommend avoiding powdered mixes in favor of real fruit-based brands that are lightly sweetened.

Popsicles: Kiwi Limeade

These pops are so pretty you may hesitate to take a bite. Snap a quick shot for Instagram (with #greatistyou) and then go to town. They’re tart and sweet—and way too good not to have seconds.

Popsicles: Coconut Banana Date

Throwing sticky dates in a banana smoothie makes it 10 times better, but can you imagine that drink in popsicle form? With extra creaminess (and protein!) from Greek yogurt, this treat makes for an ultra-rich yet good-for-you dessert.

Popsicles: Mimosas

Is it 5 o’clock yet? Because we’re ready for poptail hour. And that’s no typo: These orange and strawberry popsicles are served inside a glass of sparkling wine. Cheers!

Popsicles: Pineapple Jalapeno

They’re sweet! They’re spicy! They’re all you’ll want to snack on this summer. The shot or two of rum in the base is optional and won’t affect the taste, but it definitely can't hurt to get a little buzz going. You could even try tequila for a rendition of a spicy margartia.

Popsicles: Strawberry Rhubarb

You’ve probably had a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie, but what about in popsicle form? Make a quick maple syrup-sweetened rhubarb and strawberry compote for the main component of the pop. Layer in your favorite nondairy milk between the fruit to offset the sweetness.

Popsicles: Avocado Banana

Avocado and banana blended with coconut cream make for the creamiest popsicle base (try not to eat it all before freezing!). We're not saying you have to do this step because they're tasty on their own, but you won't be disappointed: Give them a post-freeze dunk into melted white chocolate for a crunchy take on a magic shell coating.

Popsicles: Mango Chile Ginger

This wildly simple pop needs only four ingredients, and we bet you have half in your kitchen already. Blend lemon juice and a pinch or two of cayenne with mango and ginger. Taste the base and add more cayenne if you’re feeling brave. Freeze, then enjoy the you’re-hot-then-you’re-cold sensation.

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