Between Football Sundays (and Mondays and Thursdays) and Thanksgiving, the month of November is a hosting marathon. Girls’ night, guys’ night, family night, game night, whatever the occasion, you’ve certainly got a lot of mouths to feed. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Blogger, author, and business owner Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella proves you don’t have to cut corners when it comes to your health, even during the busiest times of the year. With these simple, plant-based diet recipes, you can cater to any and all requests and be one happy, stress-free host (trust us, it’s possible).Check out Ella’s latest cookbook for many more recipes like the ones below.

1. Roasted Corn and Spicy Pepper Salsa

You can never go wrong with salsa, especially when it’s loaded with oven-roasted sweet corn. Move over, guac, and make room for this soon-to-be crowd favorite. Try scooping a tablespoon on toasted and sliced baguette for a fun and easy crostini.

2. Toasted Cinnamon and Maple Almonds

Skip the boring store-bought mixed nuts and serve your guests this homemade almond and seed mixture. The cinnamon and spice glaze leaves everyone feeling satisfied instead of hungrier and thirstier, feelings we all know too well from eating salty trail mix. Try serving them in mini individual bags for a tasty party favor.

3. Roasted Veggie and Chickpea Stew

The autumn leaves aren’t the only things bursting with color this time of year. Wow your guests with this warm and hearty veggie and chickpea stew. You might want to double up on the recipe for ready-to-eat leftovers… trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Raw Date and Hazelnut Brownies

Brownies are an awesome hosting hack: treats for all, less prep for you. If you’re really down to the wire (who isn’t when you’re hosting?), these no-bake brownies will save the day because they only take 20 minutes of prep. You’ll whip together a creamy, crunchy, chocolaty combo you can grab from the fridge; defrost; and enjoy. Guests will be shocked that they’re actually healthy.

5. Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins

Mexican is on the menu, and these loaded potato skins are not only delicious, but they remind us that cooking can be fun too. While traditional Mexican baked potatoes can be loaded with cheese, this healthy twist on a classic and comforting fave gets topped with your choice of cashew cream, guacamole, or both (cause why not?).

6. Cacao and Avocado Mousse

This ice cream sundae look-alike will have your guests flocking to the dessert table and pleasantly surprised when they find out it’s actually a healthy mousse made with avocado, banana, nut milk, and dates. Good news for you is this recipe is as easy as blend, chill, and serve.

7. Fennel and Corn Quinoa Salad

Looking for something on the lighter side? This fennel salad has refreshing bursts of pomegranate seeds and pine nuts with a lemon drizzle for a citrusy kick. The avocado and quinoa provide enough protein to make this a salad that won’t leave you starving two hours later.

8. Raw Chocolate Orange Brownies

If you’re looking to get your chocolate fix but with a little fruity twist, these brownies are a must. Trade out white flour for homemade almond flour to kick this dessert up to next-level healthy. It doesn’t get much easier than four ingredients for a foolproof, two-bite dessert.

9. Roasted Veggies With Tomato Pesto

Roasted veggies are easy to make in large quantities when you’re serving a lot of guests. While your company may think these are just your average oven-roasted veggies, you have a secret up your sleeve: tomato pesto. Add a crunch with a sprinkle of crushed almonds.