Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, or Paleo, planning your daily menus seems to boil down to one simple question: What should I eat today? Certified celebrity health coach and holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly and author of Body Lovehas the answer. She uses a Fab 4 formula designed to stabilize blood sugars and keep you satisfied. Wonder what’s included in the Fab 4? Fiber, greens, protein, and fat (all the goodies). Make one of these eight low-sugar recipes with the Fab 4 in every bite, so you can kick that crash to the curb for good.

1. Lemon Cookie Be Well Smoothie

While green superfood smoothies can be great, sometimes we don’t want to feel like we’re drinking a salad. This citrus-sweet combo, made with lemon juice, chia seeds, and nut milk, is the perfect solution. The vanilla protein powder and coconut oil give you that sweet kick without cutting corners on health. Next time life gives you lemons, you’ll know exactly what to do.

2. Spicy Salmon Nori Burrito

You may as well put down the chopsticks because utensils are no match for this salmon and veggie-loaded sushirrito. Homemade sushi may sound tricky, but it’s definitely worth the hands-on prep. Layer quinoa, salmon salad, and greens on the nori wrap; roll it up; and say hello to an Insta-worthy winner.

3. Tuscan Kale and White Bean Soup

When we think of healthy eating, one word comes to mind: kale. If you’re not yet drinking the kale-aid yet, you certainly will be after trying this veggie-packed white bean soup. With carrots, tomatoes, celery, white beans, and (of course) kale, it’s as easy as chop, simmer, and serve.

4. Peanut Butter Cacao Nib Smoothie

Chocolate and peanut butter, need we say more? If you’re one of those people who crave Reese’s every minute of the day, this peanut butter, nut milk, and cacao nib recipe will quickly become your go-to snack. Feel free to “accidentally” dump extra cacao nibs on top—we won’t tell.

5. Coconut Cauliflower Rice, Chicken, and Broccoli Bowl

It’s back to basics with this classic chicken, rice, and broccoli bowl. If you haven’t jumped on the bowl bandwagon yet, we guarantee this easy one will convince you to hop on. Up your veggie count by using cauliflower rice and bring on the coconut sesame drizzle for a touch of sweetness.

6. Butter Lettuce Wrapped Shrimp Tacos

Wait, a green leafy salad you can eat with your hands? YAS. Wrapping your favorite taco filling in a butter lettuce cup is a healthy alternative when Taco Tuesday rolls around. With grilled shrimp, homemade coleslaw, and avocado, you’ll be counting down the days till next Tuesday after finishing your last bite.

7. Spa Smoothie

Every day is a spa day with this super-relaxing smoothie that blends our favorite soothing staples: mint, cucumber, spinach, and avocado. Add a scoop of chia seeds to boost your energy, get your antioxidants in, and increase your fiber. Sip, relax, repeat.

8. French Salmon Salad

A salmon salad that doubles as a dip? There’s nothing fishy going on; this recipe is for real. Combine the ingredients in a bowl, dress with oil and vinegar, and you’ve got a fresh salad you can throw on greens, crunch with a cracker, or save in the fridge for a party snack the next time friends come over.