Who doesn’t love a good G&T? Well, the Spanish certainly do. Condé Nast Traveler reported that Spain is home to the biggest gin drinker population (per capita) in the the world. Although this refreshing take on the classic gin and tonic would be great on a hot summer day, we’d be happy to sip on one (or a few) as a pre- or post-dinner libation all year round. Perhaps make a batch to wash down a feast of our homemade paella recipe.

This recipe was originally published in our Gin and Tonic, Barcelona Style feature. See also our classic, easy Gin and Tonic recipe.

  • Yield: 1 cocktail
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: 10 mins
  • Active: 5 mins

Ingredients (8)

  • Ice
  • Lemon twist
  • 1 rosemary sprig
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1 caperberry
  • 2 arbequina or other small, mild, aromatic olives
  • 2 ounces Plymouth gin
  • 4 ounces Indian tonic water such as Fever-Tree, chilled


  1. Place a highball or rocks glass in the freezer to chill.
  2. Fill the glass two-thirds with ice. Rub the lemon twist around the rim and drop it into the glass; do the same with the rosemary sprig. Add a pinch of salt to the glass, and drop in the caperberry and olives.
  3. Add the gin and use a swizzle stick or spoon to stir. Top with the tonic and serve.