Can we admit that even though we love adding a splash to our morning coffee, most almond milk basically tastes like nutty water?From now on, consider us cashew milk converts, and these seven recipes are sure to convince you too. It’s creamy, smooth, and way tastier than most of the nondairy milk options. And while we sometimes encourage you to make something from scratch instead of spending precious bucks on packaged versions, when it comes to nondairy milks, we have one golden rule: Store-bought is just fine.

1. Strawberry Cashew Milk Ice Cream

We’re all about vegan ice cream made from almond or coconut milk, but for an even creamier dessert (that’s not slightly reminiscent of sunscreen), cashew milk is the way to go. Infinitely richer tasting than almond milk and more mild in flavor than coconut, it’s a vegan ice cream dream.

2. Garlic Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

So you want to make creamy pasta for dinner, but two of your friends are vegan. Do you give up and just toss noodles with oil and pepper? No! You open that carton of cashew milk you picked up on a whim last time you were at the grocery store. You blend it with roasted red peppers, garlic, and tahini. You pour it over pasta. Your friends take one bite, then start to applaud. Congrats, you won today.

3. Cashew Milk Hot Chocolate

A satisfying mug of dairy-free hot cocoa is hard to come by. To best avoid your drink tasting like chocolate-water, cashew milk is the creamy base of choice. Super thick, it mimics the richest heavy cream-based cocoa without a drop of lactose.

4. Blueberry and Cashew Popsicles

Berries and cream! Berries and cream! How do the dairy-free folks eat it? With cashew milk, duh. If you close your eyes, this blueberry pop tastes like ice cream-topped pie (YAS). This recipe explains how to make the milk from scratch—which is worth it if you have the time—but as we’ve said before, store-bought is just fine.

5. Protein Buckeyes

“What is a buckeye,” you ask? Why, it’s a chocolate-dipped peanut butter fudge candy, of course. We pulled back a little (on fudge, not flavor) with this recipe, using peanut flour and cashew milk-based batter. It’s just as tasty but so much better for you. We do, however, still dunk the bites in chocolate because we love ourselves.

6. Cashew, Cardamom, and Date Smoothie

If you’re anything like us, you probably want your breakfast smoothies to be healthy but also taste like dessert. So naturally this recipe stopped us mid-fruit-smoothie prepping. It’s like a chai latte mixed with ice cream.

7. Cashew Milk Chia Pudding

Does anyone else find chia pudding a little too slimy? (But ugh, it’s so good for us.) A cashew milk base helps this slightly goopy pudding feel a bit more like dessert and less like baby food. And isn’t that all you’ve ever really wanted in breakfast? We do, however, strongly recommend adding berries and chopped nuts to the final product.