From lack of deep conversations to dodging plans, here are 10 signs you’re not really in love.

Love can feel like navigating a choose-your-own-adventure book with half the pages missing. Are you truly in love or just caught in a wave of infatuation? Sometimes, what seems like a heart-thumping romance may be a fleeting crush.

Wondering how to tell the difference? We’ve got you! Here’s a rundown of the 10 signs you’re not really in love.

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Feeling a bit puzzled about your feelings for boo? That’s pretty normal. But before you start planning your future or picking out matching Halloween costumes, you may wanna make sure it’s real love and not a case of a serious crush.

Here are some signs that you may not really be in love:

  • More in love with the idea: You’re smitten with the romance narrative, not the person.
  • Shallow connections: Your chats are surface-level — the deep, meaningful conversations aren’t happening.
  • Future indifference: Discussions about the future feel unrealistic, like planning a trip to Mars.
  • Annoyance over adoration: Their cute habits now trigger eye rolls, not smiles.
  • Relief in their absence: You’re more relaxed and ‘you’ when they’re not around.
  • Clashing values: Your core beliefs don’t match up, making harmony hard to find.
  • Lack of respect: There’s a shortfall in mutual admiration.
  • Absence doesn’t faze you: Out of sight, out of mind? Maybe your heart isn’t in it.
  • Joy from others: Others bring you the happiness you crave.
  • Wandering eye: Still scanning the scene? Maybe you’re not fully content or committed.

Caught up in the romance novel vibe? If you’re all about the feelings of being in love rather than who’s sharing your popcorn, it might just be that you’re smitten with the idea of love itself.

Time to check if your relationship is more about the fairy tale than the real person.

Chatting with your partner shouldn’t feel as shallow as a kiddie pool. If deep talks are tougher than pulling teeth and rarer than a unicorn, it’s a red flag.

Sticking to small talk about the weather and dinner plans suggests the emotional depth for a lasting bond might be missing.

When discussions about future plans feel as far-fetched as sci-fi adventures, they may reveal underlying doubts about the relationship’s viability.

If imagining a future together feels unrealistic or undesirable, it’s time to ask yourself why. Real love plans a future; infatuation lives for the weekend.

Remember when their sock on the floor was cute? If little quirks now make you more cranky than charmed, it might mean the love goggles are off, your feelings have shifted from affection to annoyance, and the reality check has bounced.

Love is seeing imperfections and adoring them anyway.

Feeling more at ease or more ‘yourself’ when your partner isn’t around is a telling sign. If you’re secretly throwing mini-parties when they leave the room, you need to stop and think. Real-deal love means missing their chaos when they’re gone, not celebrating the silence.

Shared values are the anchor of deep, lasting relationships. If your core values clash more than a polka dot and stripes ensemble, you’re in for a rough ride, as finding common ground could be challenging!

Lasting love grows from shared beliefs and mutual respect, not from opposing battle lines.

No respect? No future. Respect is as critical to love as air is to breathing. Without mutual respect, you might just be coexisting rather than genuinely connecting.

If you no longer admire or respect each other’s opinions and choices, sustaining a healthy relationship will be difficult.

If they’re out of sight and totally out of mind, that’s not just independence — it might be indifference. When love is real, you should long for their laugh or lame jokes when they’re away. Could it be that your emotional attachment isn’t as strong as it should be for a lasting relationship?

If your best moments are consistently away from your partner, your heart might not be in it to win it. Perhaps your relationship isn’t providing enough support or happiness.

True love enriches your life and doesn’t play second fiddle to your social circle. It’s time to evaluate where your emotional energy is invested.

Still window shopping while you’re supposedly locked down? It’s a sign you might not be all in. A love that lasts doesn’t keep a backup catalog — it’s too busy loving what it already has.

Knowing why you’re still scanning for alternatives can help you address what might be missing or unfulfilled in your relationship.

Are you genuinely in love or just in love with being in love? If you’re secretly thrilled when they’re not around, stuck in surface-level chit-chat, or dreading deep-future talks, these are cosmic signs that it’s rethink o’clock.

Don’t ignore the signals — tuning in now can save you heartache later and lead you toward a love that genuinely fulfills you.