If a plastic pumpkin filled with slightly stale candy corn is the main feature of your Halloween party, it’s probably time to step up your game. We get it: This is the one day you don’t have to dress up as an adult, but you’re still a grown-up beneath that witch costume.

We understand that #adulting can be hard, which is why we’ve picked out a few Halloween party essentials to help you refine your spook aesthetic. So step away from the plastic spider rings (you’re better than that!) and check out these Halloween party must-haves that are just as mature as they are macabre.

1. Oh Happy Day! Sugar Skull Plates

RIP, boring tableware. These Calavera skull plates are great for serving up any dish with a side of spook and style.($8.25; ohhappyday.com)

2. PB&J Chocolate Eyeballs

Here’s something you’ll never hear us say again: These eyeballs are so.worth.eating. Made by Tumbador Chocolates, the French raspberry pate and salty peanut praline filling almost makes you forget you’re eating something shaped like an eyeball. Almost.($6.25; mouth.com)

3. Leif Etched Glass Decanter

Whether we’re talking about Casper or Cuervo, it’s not a Halloween party until someone summons the spirits. This vintage glass decanter is a perfect way to add a little Addams Family glam to your basement bar.($30; leif.com)

4. Tiny Brain Chocolate Mold by The Cake Girls

Love eating brains? If you answered yes, you’re probably a zombie, in which case this probably isn’t the product you were looking for. If you answered no, this mold for teeny-tiny chocolate brains will definitely make you reconsider. Use it to make bite-size brain treats, super-cerebral Jell-O, or the perfect topper for Halloween-themed cupcakes. For some mad scientist inspo, we suggest wearing a lab coat while you experiment.($3.95; thecakegirls.com)

5. Anthropologie Pumpkin Tea Towel

A great option for a gift, this tea towel reminds us that, even in the spookiest of seasons, love conquers all (including the ever-mighty PS).($16; anthropologie.com)

6. March Pantry Blood Orange Hibiscus Jam

Trick-or-treat-yourself with this seasonal jam made by Sqirl. The fusion of sweet and tangy blood orange with hints of hibiscus is scary good.($16; marchsf.com)

7. SweetCarolineConfect Halloween Lollipops

If you’ve ever wondered what licking a small piece of art would feel like, these craft pops will give you the answer. Featuring festive sugar crystals in the middle, they’re perfect as party favors, trick-or-treat fare, or just something sweet to suck on when sh*t gets scary.($10; etsy.com)