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You want a meal subscription service, but make it plant-based, ultra-customizable, and legit delicious. Should you do Daily Harvest?

This vegan meal delivery service offers chef-crafted meals built on fruits and veggies — and you can pick every single item that goes into your box. In short, it sounds pretty perfect. But how good is it really? We took a test drive to find out.

Daily Harvest is a meal subscription service that brings wholesome just-about-ready-to-eat food right to your door.

Everything on the menu is plant-based and designed by chefs, so it hits that sweet spot of tasting good while also leaving you feeling good. And you can pick exactly what goes into your box, so you never have to worry about getting something you don’t want to eat.

Best of all, DH’s menu items are made with convenience in mind, so they can go from fridge or freezer to table in just a few minutes with minimal effort on your part.

Daily Harvest subscription plans are broken down by how many items — like smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat and chia bowls, energy bites, and lattes — you want in your order.

Pick the number you want delivered each week or month (9, 14, or 24) and customize your order by adding what looks good to your delivery box.

On the website you’ll find detailed descriptions of each item — including ingredient lists, flavor profiles, and nutrition info — plus customer reviews to give you a sense of how things actually taste. There’s plenty of variety, with 80 products to choose from.

Then pick your delivery date. You can opt to get your food the same week or start at a later date, if you’re not ready for your box just yet.

OK, but what will the grand total be?

It depends on what you want to eat. The final price of your box depends on which items you add to your order. With each item costing between $5.99 and $8.99, you can expect to pay $50 to $80 for a 9-item box, $83 to $125 for a 14-item box, and $143 to $215 for a 24-item box. Shipping is always free (WOOT).

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After finalizing all your order deets, just sit back and wait for the deliciousness to arrive on your doorstep. Daily Harvest boxes are packed with dry ice, so they can safely sit outside for the day if you’re not home when your delivery arrives.

Ever been to a vegan café where everything on the menu sounds simultaneously delicious and ultra-nourishing? That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find in your Daily Harvest box.

You can choose from fare like:

  • Smoothies. There are more than 25 to pick from, like strawberry + peach, carrot + cinnamon, mint + cacao, and ginger + greens. Just add the ingredients to a blender, pour in your choice of liquid, and blend.
  • Harvest bowls. Find veggie and grain bowls like spinach + shiitake grits, butternut squash + kale shakshuka, and cauliflower rice + kimchi. You can reheat them on the stovetop or in the microwave in just a few minutes.
  • Flatbreads. They’ve got whole-grain crusts and toppings like kabocha + sage, kale + sweet potato, and artichoke + spinach. They take about 25 minutes to reheat, but all you have to do is pop them on a baking sheet and slide it into the oven.
  • Soups. Choose from lighter veggie-based options like tomato + bell pepper gazpacho or sweet potato + miso and heartier ones like lentil + mesquite chili or green chickpea + turmeric. All you have to do is add some water and reheat.
  • Oat bowls. The kind of oatmeal you wish you had the time/energy to make first thing in the morning, with flavor combos like pumpkin + chai, cinnamon + banana, or cherry + dark chocolate. Just add water or milk, reheat, and serve.
  • Chia bowls. A chia pudding base is topped with fresh fruits like vanilla bean + apple or chocolate + almond. Add your liquid the night before, let it soak in the fridge, and it’s ready to eat in the a.m.
  • Scoops. Vegan ice cream, anyone? These plant-based pints come in flavors like vanilla + black sesame, mint + cacao, and vanilla + salty caramel. And they’re ready to eat straight from the container.
  • Bites. These are basically DH’s take on energy balls, made from nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. You’ll get seven in an order (enough for a week… or not) and can pick from flavors like hazelnut + chocolate, coconut + lemon, or peach + almond.
  • Lattes. Mix one of the latte pods — in flavors like matcha + lemongrass, chaga + coffee, or ginger + turmeric — with milk, blend to make it frothy, and then heat it up and drink.
  • Mylks. DH just rolled out a new line of DIY almond milk pods. Basically, you mix the preground almonds with water to make your own smooth, silky almond milk that’s free of additives and fillers (and tastes super fresh).

After sampling a box of just about everything Daily Harvest has to offer, we were impressed. We gave top marks for flavor, sustainability (the packaging is recyclable and compostable), wholesome ingredients, and ease of preparation. We took away points for postblending cleanup and some meals that didn’t quite deliver.

The smoothies were our favorite by far — seriously, so👏 good👏 — with harvest bowls, oat bowls, and soups vying for second place.

There really wasn’t anything we didn’t like, although we weren’t totally thrilled by the flatbreads. If you don’t bake them just right, they can turn out limp and mushy. Also, flatbreads without cheese just feel a bit wrong… right?

For some, all-veggie meals may not be enough to fully satisfy hunger. In certain cases, we found that adding a few ounces of protein (like cooked chicken, beans, or a sprinkle of cheese) really rounded out the dish.

The bottom line

Daily Harvest is leading the pack when it comes to frozen meals, and the food really does taste good. Our editors found that it’s a fantastic way to sprinkle nutritious eats throughout the week or fill in any meal plan gaps.

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The short answer? Yes. Wholesome, plant-based ingredients like veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans form the base of Daily Harvest’s offerings. So by design, the meals are rich in fiber, antioxidants, plant protein, and healthy fats — all good stuff that helps your body thrive. Some of the ingredients are organic too.

DH says its products are created by chefs and nutritionists. But everyone’s nutritional needs are different, so these meals may not be the right fit for all. Also, on par with many other frozen foods, some of DH’s offerings have a fair amount of sodium.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether DH’s vegan meals are right for you. The good news is DH makes it pretty easy: The website lists the full ingredients and nutrition info for every item, so you can see if it’s a good fit for your diet.

Quick look: The pros

  • Setting up your subscription is fast and easy.
  • There’s lots of variety, so you won’t get bored.
  • The meals are made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients.
  • The nutrition info is easy to navigate.
  • The boxes are super customizable.
  • Delivery is free.
  • The food comes packed on dry ice, so you don’t have to worry about bringing it inside ASAP.

Quick look: The cons

  • The food requires few minutes of prep work — like blending smoothies, adding water to soups before reheating, or soaking chia puddings overnight.
  • You’re assigned a delivery day of the week, but you don’t know what time your delivery will show up.
  • It might be more expensive than cooking for yourself.
  • You have to deal with getting rid of the packaging and dry ice.
  • The fully plant-based menu may not fit all nutritional needs.
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So… is it worth it?

Daily Harvest can definitely be a good way to eat well if you’re looking for wholesome plant-based meals but don’t want to spend time shopping or cooking.

The food requires a teeny bit of prep work and you won’t know what time your delivery might show up, but all things considered, those aren’t deal-breakers. We say try it!

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