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Just when you thought you’d run out of seemingly impossible things that could just turn up at your door, behold: the smoothie delivery service.

These days you can’t throw a rock without hitting yet another food subscription. (Although they’d have far fewer problems getting across your front yard if you’d just stop pelting them with rocks. Please stop.)

We know what you’re thinking: How the heck does smoothie delivery even work, and why is it worth my money? Is there just going to be flavorsome gloop all over my mailbox?

Well, no. It’s actually pretty simple. Most companies send you packages of frozen ingredients. You store them in your freezer until you’re ready to eat, then blend them up with the liquid of your choice.

They’re quick, healthy meals with virtually no prep time and exactly zero seconds spent in grocery stores. We’ll freely admit we love the idea of smoothies that simply apparate into your freezer.

Plus, it’s the gosh-dang summer. If you’re trying to resist the allure of ice-cream floats and milkshakes, having a batch of fresh fruits or veg to smoosh together can take your mind off more sugary, tempting snacks.

However, the smoothie business is a cutthroat (and blend-bananas) world in which there are clear winners in terms of value and service. Here are the five biggest smoothie-est operators and what we love about each.

1. Daily Harvest

Price: $7.99 per smoothie

You’re probably already familiar with Instagram fave Daily Harvest.

We love how easy it is to customize your box: First, you select how many smoothies you want. Then, you sort by likes, dislikes, benefits (post-workout recovery, stress relief), or dietary preferences (low carb, vegan).

You can choose whatever strikes your fancy (mint-cacao or chia-coconut, anyone?) or grab the best-sellers box with DH’s most popular mixes. And whoomp, there it is. You’ll get a new batch of frozen, premade smoothies delivered to your door either weekly or monthly.

They almost always have introductory offers, so you can try getting into the mix with less impact on your pocket. Daily Harvest also offer a meal delivery service.

2. Project Juice

Price: $12.50 per juice

Project Juice are the brains behind the (now unfortunately cancelled) much-loved Sub-Zero Superfoods.

According to her, “no one can make smoothies *this* good on their own.” And while the removal of this service is a loss to tastebuds the country over, Project Juice is nothing to sniff at in its own right.

Juicing is becoming as popular for health nuts as putting together a smoothie, and Project Juice claims that their cold-pressing process draws out three to five times more nutrients than regular juice production.

Note: Recent research suggests that cold-pressing doesn’t actually make a significant different to your nutritional intake from juices, but it’s pretty damn refreshing nevertheless.Khaksar G et al. (2019). Effect of cold-pressed and normal centrifugal juicing on quality attributes of fresh juices: Do cold-pressed juices harbor a superior nutritional quality and antioxidant capacity? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31286079/

They offer organic cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses that can stuff you with vitamins and minerals at zero cost to your time.

You can customize packs to suit your taste and health needs, and they even provide little wellness shots to give your nutrition an extra kick in the pants when you need it.

This service means you don’t even need to blend anything. Just pop open the bottle and sip. Like a regular, store-bought juice, only with the knowledge that everything was juiced and given to you pronto.

We also explain how to make your own juice without a juicer.

3. Splendid Spoon

Price: $65 for five smoothies, or $13 per smoothie

Splendid Spoon is great for busy bees who don’t have time to make toast, let alone break out the blender. (Also, bees are terrible at making toast despite dispensing honey like there’s no tomorrow. It’s one of life’s great iniquities.)

With their breakfast plan, you get five ready-to-squish-and-sip smoothies delivered each week.

The flavors on offer rotate and change seasonally, but all are vegan, low-sugar, and gluten-free. This is definitely the most expensive of the bunch, but the sheer convenience may be worth it if you’ve got more money than time.

Here’s some more gluten-free breakfast magic.

4. The Frozen Garden

Price: $6.99 per smoothie

Prefer to drink your greens? The Frozen Garden is right up your allotment: Each frozen smoothie blend is packed with leafy veggies, fruits, seeds, and spices. That’s a veritable handful of healthy.

The company tries to source most of its produce from growers within 100 miles of its Indiana headquarters. They also make sure that any Dirty Dozen ingredients are organic and compost 100 percent of their food waste (an approving pinch on the cheek from Mother Earth, there).

While The Frozen Garden is not actually a subscription service, it works in a similar way. You still order online but have to place a new one each time.

The silver lining is that its prices are a bit lower than competitors.

5. SmoothieBox

Cost: $119 for 20 smoothies, or $5.99 per smoothie.

Right now, the company only has four flavors: cacao, green, berry, and clementine. This is best for people who want a bunch of protein but don’t need a ton of variety.

Smoothiebox also offer 20-gram packets of grass-fed collagen peptides for $25. Some believe that these improve gut health, bone strength, and how your hair and nails look.

We took a deep dive on collagen peptides to see if they really have the benefits people claim.

Breakfast is awesome, but time is precious. Preparing nutritious meals at home is always the most sustainable route to flourishing health, but we know as well as anyone that it’s not always possible.

Smoothie delivery services are great for the seriously time-strained among us. However, chopping up a few pieces of fruit, throwing in some leaves, and turning a blender on aren’t the most difficult elements of mastering nourishing cuisine.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not try one of those healthy breakfast smoothies? They each have fewer than five ingredients, so they’re great to attempt for those who have a Lyft waiting outside, like, right now.