Banging out multiple pull-ups in a row looks impressive, and rightly so! Start your journey to the bar with three weeks of upper body exercises.

Learn How to Do a Pull Up By Training These Muscle Groups

Dumbbell Rack This functional exercise isn’t nearly as easy as it looks, and many people who can do hundreds of push-ups get wobbling Jello arms at the pull-up bar. If pull-ups are a fitness goal, step one should be training all of the core and upper body muscles that are necessary at the pull-up bar. Getting there takes some commitment — about three weeks of strength training. The good news is that with enough preparation, you should be knocking out pull-ups with ease.

Do it Today: Get your body ready for pull-ups with this training guide.

Body of Work:

Get strong sans equipment with bodyweight exercises.

Pick Your Protein:

Fuel up for some serious strength training.

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