Choosing a tattoo is more than just thinking about what phrase or image you want. There are tons of artistic styles to consider, from biomechanical to photorealist to fine line, just to name a few. Browse the gallery below to see some examples.

Instagram Artists to Follow for Inspiration

Even if you're already set on something, it never hurts to look around. We've rounded up some of the top tattoo artists on Instagram in no particular order—celebrity clients not required.

Dr. Woo - Shamrock Social Club, L.A.

Parenting #halfneedle

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Kristi Walls - Bang Bang, NYC

I super love florals/nature 🐌

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Imani K. Brown - Little Ink Play Shop, Washington, D.C.

Regino Gonzales  - Invisible, NYC


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Minka Sicklinger - Three Kings, Brooklyn, NY

Alice Carrier - Wonderland Tattoo, Portland, OR

Thanks Emma! Black healed, color fresh 🌞✨

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Ben Merrell - Tribal Rites, Fort Collins, CO

all finished up with April's back! thanks so much for your trust. #blackclaw

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Jess Yen - My Tattoo, Alhambra, CA

Carlos Torres - Timeline Gallery, San Pedro, CA

Nikko Hurtado - Black Anchor Collective, Hesperia, CA

Miya Bailey - City of Ink, Atlanta, GA

Scott Campbell - Saved Tattoo, Brooklyn

WHOLE GLORY LA 825 E. 3rd street Arts dist. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE! #wholeglory

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Anka Lavriv - Black Iris Tattoo, Brooklyn, NY

Georgia Grey - Bang Bang, NYC

Mike Adams - Homestead Tattoo, Frederick, MD

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Josh Barnes - Ceremony Tattoo Society, Philadelphia, PA

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