A new invention is here to prevent all cake-baking woes. Before you serve a homemade cake to your pals, check out this pan that let's you sample your creation without sacrificing presentation.

Nibble: For Those Times You Don't Want to Serve Crappy Cake

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Nibble Cake Pan

Ugh, isn’t it the worst when you’ve baked a cake, iced it, done it up just right, but you have NO IDEA what it tastes like? You’re about to serve it to a dozen friends, and they will all judge you if it tastes like particleboard.

Nibble, a standard cake pan with an additional mini-cupcake pan, promises to solve the cake quandary for one easy payment of $21.99. The idea is simple: Pop the pan and its little sidekick pan in the oven, and you can take a nibble (just one) without ruining the presentation of the main cake. Neat, right?

Except for one thing. Won’t the little guy burn once the big cake cooks through? It turns out silicone actually increases bake time compared to the carbon steel of the larger pan because it is a poor heat conductor. This means the nibble, despite its tiny size, likely won’t produce a totally burned cake.

Keep tabs on the unconventional bake ware on Quirky, a platform for eccentric inventions like this one. Upvote the product if you like it, and the Quirky engineers may put it into development. For those of us who are fans of baking but want to relieve some of the pressure of hosting friends and family, the Nibble seems pretty great. We haven’t tried it out, but we’re curious to see if it’ll become a mainstay on the shelves of Bed Bath and Beyond, or if it will head to the unnecessary kitchen gadget graveyard along with the SlapChop and the V Slicer.

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