Ready for some Friday R&R? This week we have healthy foods under $1, how much sugar is really in the fruits we love, and 18 ways to recovery faster.

Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

Ready for some Friday R&R? Catch up on the latest and Greatist in fitness, health, and happiness with our weekly roundup of our most popular articles this week:

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44 Healthy Food Under $1
Who said healthy had to be expensive? We’ve rounded up 44 Healthy foods under $1 that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Sugar Wise: How Fruits Stack Up
What do grapes and lollipops have in common? A lot more than some may think. We compared the (surprising) sugar content of some of the most common fruits.

18 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery
Looking to recharge after a tough workout? We put together a list of the most proven ways to speed recovery and get the body rested and ready for more.

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