The Mediterranean diet has been in the spotlight for a while due to its cancer-fighting and heart-healthy benefits—and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, one recent study found it could also have the potential to slow down aging and reduce bone loss.

Rather than become a full-fledged convert, though, you can dip your toe in the Mediterranean water with these flavorful dinners. Try them anytime you're in the mood for a healthy, delicious bite.


Dinner Recipes: Healthy Mediterranean Recipes
Photo: Ambitious Kitchen

Enjoy all the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine in this simple salad. Olives, feta, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a lemon dressing make up the bulk of the dish, while spices add even more pops of flavor. Add optional quinoa for a more substantial meal.

Dinner Recipes: Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Photo: Pinch of Yum

We'll say it: Everything is better in a bowl. This Mediterranean quinoa variety is no exception. The roasted red pepper sauce jazzes up other ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen: olives, feta, cucumber, and quinoa.

Dinner Recipes: Healthy Mediterranean Recipes
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One look at this meal and you probably would have pinned instantly without even realizing it's also vegan and gluten-free. Cucumber, tomato, and crispy grilled chickpeas are packed into healthy fat-filled, grilled avocados. Drizzle with creamy tahini for a dinner you'll be thinking about all day long.

Dinner Recipes: Mediterranean Flatbread
Photo: Naturally Ella

Make a dinner for two in 25 minutes flat—pun intended. This flatbread is topped with veggies, including artichokes, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers. 

Dinner Recipes: Quinoa Falafel With Yogurt Tahini Sauce
Photo: Wendy Polisi

Make this gluten-free and vegan falafel completely from scratch using quinoa and garbanzo beans along with a slew of spices. We love the versatility falafel allows—stuff them into a wrap or plop atop a salad. Don't forget the tahini!

Dinner Recipes: Baked Falafel Chimichurri
Photo: Minimalist Baker

If frying isn't your jam, try baking your falafel as this recipe directs. Use just 7 ingredients and fix these mouthwatering creations that clock in at nearly 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per burger. 

Dinner Recipes: Sweet Potato Falafel Chimichurri
Photo: Healthy Happy Life

Not only is this dish a beauty to look at, the flavors will leave you super satisfied. And as if the sweet potato falafel wasn't enough to excite your tastebuds—check out the chimichurri sauce made with pumpkin seeds. You can have this vegan-friendly dinner ready in 45 minutes.


Dinner Recipes: Easy Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce
Photo: The Mediterranean Dish

Get the grill ready! This recipe will blow your bland chicken breast version out of the water. Keep in mind, you'll want to marinate these in the fridge overnight or, at the very least, two to four hours before grilling.

Dinner Recipes: Easy Chicken Gyros With Tzatziki Sauce
Photo: Le Creme de la Crumb

Need a quick meal everyone will love that you can whip up in 20 minutes? This is your ticket. Keep things simple with chicken, veggies, Greek-styled flatbread, and a tzatziki sauce.

Dinner Recipes: Mediterranean Spiced Salmon and Vegetable Quinoa
Photo: Jessica Gavin

Have this whole dish ready to serve in 30 minutes—impressive for something that looks like you ordered it at a restaurant. This salmon and quinoa combination packs a serious protein punch: nearly 42 grams per serving! 

Dinner Recipes: Greek Burger With Tzatziki, Tapenade, and Feta
Photo: Hapa Nom

Add a twist to summer barbecuing with this recipe that combines all your favorite Mediterranean flavors in one bun. Fix the patty with lamb, beef, or turkey and dash on the tapenade and tzatziki for an entrée you'll definitely want to make more than once.

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