Being Healthy Doesn’t Have To Suck

We don’t think you need six-pack abs to be happy. Because Greatist celebrates choosing whatever healthy means to you.

Our mission? Help the world think of health in a healthier way. And today we do that by publishing award-winning, crazy-shareable articles written by someone just like you (and verified by the best experts on the planet) with love, coffee, and whole lot of laughs.

Think of Greatist as the healthy, happy, empowering best friend you’ve always wanted. We’re:

  • REAL
    Forget losing 5 pounds by Friday, we’re all about what’s actually doable and how.
    We took the Shake Weight seriously for one month, but didn’t end up with Michelle Obama arms.
    Seriously, we cite every single fact with a scientific study. Because science!

So What’s a "Greatist"?

We’re glad you asked. A greatist is someone who chooses healthy because they want to. In other words, you don't have to be the greatest and perfect all the time, but instead, be a greatist and make healthy choices some of the time, when you want, and because they make you feel good. We find that’s the only way you’ll actually stick with them!

Because it’s not about the choices you make, but why you make them.

Greatist Categories

It’s not just about health and fitness. There’s so much more to living a healthy, happy life and we try to cover as much of it as we can!

Meet The Team

We’re all pretty smart, kind of fun, super quirky, and totally greatists. Let’s be morning workout and afternoon boozy brunch buddies!


Our pool of contributors may be small, but it’s mighty. They’re some of the most engaging and talented writers, researchers, and experts around.



The world’s most qualified, uber-certified professionals make up our best-in-class Expert Network. And they’re all wonderful people to boot! They verify the studies, question the sources, and offer guidance based on their experience. No article that needs it goes up without their approval.


Our Community

Our engaged community of greatists (that’s you!) make healthy choices every day because it makes them feel awesome. You’re inspiring, amazing, and make unexpected smoothie recipes. Share your healthy journey using #greatist.

And Don’t Forget Our Manifesto
Greatist Manifesto
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