Get Ready for a Healthy Halloween

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

Halloween doesn’t have to mean hiding from terrifying fat and sugar around every corner. There are plenty of healthy ways to get in the spooky spirit (and those miles clocked while trick-or-treating totally count as a workout). Opt for passing out non-guilt-inducing candies at your own front door, or make an even trade with your kiddos for each guilty pleasure they forefeit. For the crafty out there, decorate some fluffy, light meringue cookies to share with coworkers. And if a major fete isn’t in the works for this evening, cuddle up with your “boo” or invite over some pals to watch scary movies. But you should know, they could cause nightmares— can’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Takeaway: Skip the candy and booze binges in favor of a healthy Halloween.

Or Take a Day Off

Sometimes sticking to a rigid diet just isn’t in the cards. If you’re going to have a Cheat Day this Halloween (which we definitely encourage every now and then), do it right with pumpkin whoopie pies and apple cider margaritas.

Fun Fact: The Whoopie Pie Queen is crowned annually at the Whoopie Pie Festival in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.