As we gear up for the holiday season (too soon, we know) it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of “me-time”. Agreeing to attend every fete under the sun, tackling extra year-end projects at the office, and planning holiday meals that suit everyone’s dietary preferences can do more than lead to a Scrooge-like attitude— it may actually be bad for your health. Stress and exhaustion can leave you more susceptible to illness— and that jolly red nose looks much cuter on Rudolph.

So what’s the solution? Learn to say “no.” Instead of giving a flat-out negative, try agreeing to just one part of a request. But when no really means no, offer a brief, honest explanation to soften the “no” blow.

The Takeaway: Saying “no” to over-commitment can improve physical health.

Everything has beauty

Take a minute of quiet time and look around at your surroundings. “Everything has beauty, but not everybody sees it.” — Confucius

Fun Fact:

The phrase “no problem” wasn’t coined until 1963, while “no can do” existed way back in 1914.