Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

We’re probably not surprising anyone when we tell you strength training helps build muscles. But that isn’t the only benefit. Here are some seriously surprising pros of hitting up the weight rack:

  • Protecting against injury. Lifting doesn’t just strengthen muscles. Ligaments and tendons also get stronger, potentially protecting against tears and other aches and pains.
  • Wise up. Studies show strength training can strengthen the brain, too. Smart move, right?
  • Make like milk. Calcium’s not the only way to get strong bones — lifting weights may accomplish the same goal.
  • Improve office life. Studies suggest working out with weights could make us happier at work and boost productivity.
  • Read on for 15 more reasons to work those muscles…

The Takeaway: Weight training is good for the body and mind. Check out our list of 20 reasons to quit making excuses.

Work Like an Athlete

Guest contributor Collin Orcutt reflects of life after sports. Leaving the court doesn’t have to mean giving up on fitness.

Fun Fact:

Spalding became the official basketball maker back in 1894 — just three years after the game was invented — and it’s still the official ball of the NBA.