Photo by Ben Draper

Even experienced travelers can fall victim to jetlag, which is sure to put a damper on any adventure abroad. (No one wants to say “Sorry, can’t see the pyramids — I’m too tired!”) When away from home, stick to a standard bedtime routine to keep jetlag at bay. Normally hit the hay at 11? Try to keep that schedule when away from home, even when leaping across time zones.

It’s also a good idea to avoid overeating and chowing down on unfamiliar foods for the first few days of a trip. Heartburn and indigestion are surefire ways to not get quality sleep. And take it easy on the booze a few hours before bedtime in order to enjoy a truly restful night while away.

Read on for more tips to beat jetlag and sleep anywhere.

The Takeaway: Stick to a normal routine for great sleep abroad.

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