Banana Nutella Granola_sqPhoto: Sally / Sally’s Baking Addiction

No one would ever call Nutella a health food, but it’s possible to indulge in this heavenly chocolate-hazelnut spread without going into a sugar coma. Whip up some homemade granola with fresh bananas, almonds, cinnamon and yup, a decadent touch of Nutella. Balance out the sweetness with some lowfat milk or yogurt. This granola would also make a perfect snack or emergency not-too-unhealthy fix when a late-night chocolate craving strikes.

Do it Today: Pair chocolatey nutella-flavored homemade granola with lowfat milk or yogurt for a crunchy, moderately sweet breakfast.

Sugar Town:

Whip up some banana-only ice cream to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Red Vs. Blue:

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