Photo by Katie Morris

There are a million myths out there about avoiding hangovers (take Advil at night, eat lots of fat — or is it protein? Or maybe carbs?). We’ve got the real answers for how to make a healthier drink that’s better for you and might even help fend off a hangover, too.

  • Avoid pre-made mixes, which are usually full of sugar and calories. Digesting that sugar uses extra water, which can dehydrate you further.
  • Skip juices made from concentrate — stick to fresh versions instead. Those made from concentrate lose many of the benefits from the natural fruits’ vitamins and nutrients.
  • Water it down. Have a drink on the rocks or with seltzer rather than in shot form. It’ll help hydrate as you drink.
  • Skip tonic. It’s not the same as seltzer, people. Tonic water actually has almost as many calories and sugar as soda!

The Takeaway: How much you drink isn’t all that matters when it comes to staying healthy and hangover-free. How you mix those drinks matters, too.

Don’t Buy Into Light Beer

Light beer is lower in calories and carbs, but because of that, we may drink more than if we’d had the real deal — actually making them less healthy than standard beer.

Fun Quote:

“To alcohol… The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.” —Homer Simpson