If you’ve ever looked at your hair and thought, I want a change, there might be deeper reasons than just wanting to enliven your locks. 

Anyone who’s elected for bangs in the wake of a bad breakup (or given herself a buzzcut using a YouTube tutorial during a global pandemic) can tell you that tough times can be the catalyst for a hair transformation. 

And there’s even some science to support the connection: One study found that college students who experienced stressful life events were more likely to make a dramatic change to their appearance. Also, a small Korean study linked hairstyle changes with increased psychological satisfaction and even stress relief. 

On the other hand, sometimes hairstyles lead to more stress as we wait for them to grow out or frantically call our stylist to fix our botched DIY bleach job. 

To decrease your risk of dyer’s remorse and related regrets, we suggest beginning your hair makeover with a thoughtful exercise. 

That’s why we’ve created this quiz—to help you choose the hair adventure that’s right for you.