In our weekly Q&A installment, we asked The Greatist Team about their favorite outdoor workouts. Here are their answers regarding those favorite fun-in-the-sun activities.

“My favorite outdoor workout during the summer is anything indoors. Okay, just kidding, but today I woke up at 4:00 am and it was already 90 degrees. I love running, but during the Arizona summer, it’s really important to get going the minute it’s light enough, which means 5:15 am or so. When it’s too hot to run, swimming or running in the pool is the next best thing. Running in water is quite the workout. I could call it Swinning or Swunning. Running on tip toes adds a calf workout that rivals the calf raise machine at the gym.” — Kristine Lockwood

“In the winter, figure skating in the open air is a fun, heart-pumping activity— and being surrounded by the park’s natural wonders is a huge plus. A great workout for the legs and glutes especially, speeding around on two blades also keys in on posture, balance, and grace.” — Jordan Shakeshaft

“Hiking, without a doubt. It’s a great way to see the wilderness, especially if you’re in a new region or country. Plus, you can always throw on a pack and rough it in the woods for a few days with friends (assuming, of course, you’ve taken the proper precautions, and that you’re friends aren’t grizzly bears). Finding the right boots is also important (make sure they’re broken in before a long hike), and extra socks are equally vital (literally, I pack 3-4 pairs for every day I’m hiking).” — David Tao

“Swimming (outdoor pool or ocean)! Diving into waves and swimming in the ocean is a ton of fun, but it can also get pretty tiring. Doing laps in an outdoor pool while getting my tan on is another awesome way I like to sneak in some exercise during the summer. I like to jump in for a swim for about 30 minutes then lie out in the sun for about the same amount of time (wash, rinse, repeat). That way, I never really feel tired and I can also turn a nice shade of bronze after a day in the water! Just be sure to use plenty of sunscreen.” — Cathy Zhu

“Your brain needs exercise too! I always bring a book to the beach so I can soak up knowledge while soaking up some sun and vitamin D.” — Leah Rocketto

“Swimming. Whether it be at the beach, lake, or swimming pool, I can’t stay out of the water. Last summer, I become known at my apartment complex for being that girl who always swam on my back. Plus if I’m at the beach, I love beach volleyball. Because of the sand, not only is it a good workout, but I can easily fall onto my knees if I need to save the ball.” — Claudine Morgan

“Beach power walks or runs! The sand makes it way more challenging, and the gorgeous scenery is great motivation. Plus, I love using the sets of stairs every 100 yards to mix it up a little. In the fall and spring, it makes a great midday workout, but, in the summer months, I always go before 10am, or after 7 pm, once all the kids and umbrellas have been packed up for the day and it’s pure, quiet, peaceful beach again.” — Kate Morin