As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we at Greatist strive to bring our readers amazing content on daily basis. Of course, not all of the best stuff comes from us! In this week’s link roundup, we highlight our favorite can’t-miss videos, articles, and opinions from the interwebz:

VIDEO — Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Some are bigger fans than others, but what are the numbers behind this favorite pick-me-up? Good before a workout or to power through the day, learn more about the big world behind coffee.

Information is Beautiful — The Sunscreen Smokescreen

Slather on— and learn the science behind the numbers to protect from some serious rays.

The Kitchn — What is High Maltose Corn Syrup?

Maltose and fructose are two different sugars. But do they really make two different products?

L.A. Times — Artistic Expressions of Brain Disorders

Artists— many brain disorder victims— team up to illustrate the challenges and trauma of their conditions.