As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we at Greatist strive to bring our readers amazing content on daily basis. Of course, not all of the best stuff comes from us! In this week’s link roundup, we highlight our favorite can’t-miss videos, articles, and opinions from the interwebz:

Men’s Health — Scariest Food Additives

Those mile-long terms under “ingredients” might add flavor and color, but they might take a heavy toll on the body. Learn about some of the more common additives and their potential side effects.

PsyBlog — 5 Relaxation Techniques

Need a new way to chill? Try these tips and techniques from PsyBlog to give everything a little perspective.

Fit Bottomed Girls — Climbing the Rope

One author overcomes her gym class nemesis, rope burn be darned.

Eat Drink Better — Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

A rundown of some vegan-friendly protein options. There’s more available than just meat!

Catalyst Athletics — The Bench Press

Trainer and coach Greg Everett on one of the most controversial lifts on the block.