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When it comes to your summer travels and plans, having the right wardrobe at your disposal can make it that much easier — not to mention, comfortable — to have unforgettable adventures.

Clothing can have a huge impact on psoriasis. This condition can cause people to have red, itchy, and painful scales or patches on their skin. That’s why picking out items that are breathable and won’t irritate the skin can help minimize symptoms or prevent psoriasis flares.

As you’re building out your psoriasis-friendly travel wardrobe for summer adventures, consider these items and tips while you put together various outfits. Your skin will thank you.

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While leggings, especially tight spandex leggings, might be comfortable and cute, they may not be so friendly to your skin if you have psoriasis. Not only can tight-fitting clothes like leggings irritate your skin, but they can also cause itching, bleeding, and cracking on areas of the skin affected by psoriasis.

Plus, hot summer air can cause you to sweat more (which can aggravate psoriasis symptoms), so you’ll want as much breathability as possible in your clothes.

Tight-fitting clothes can also cause moisture buildup on your skin, further irritating psoriasis. Instead, consider wearing a light, breathable maxi skirt that’s both stylish and functional. This will help prevent moisture buildup and irritation or cracking in psoriasis patches.

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In addition to plain ol’ breathable clothes like maxi skirts, breathable fabrics can go a long way in keeping your skin free of irritation during summer travels.

Cotton, linen, and silk are often go-to choices for people with psoriasis since these fabrics offer optimal airflow and are gentler on the skin.

Nonbreathable fabrics like wool, nylon, and polyester may cause your skin to itch and are more prone to trapping moisture, leading to aggravated symptoms.

Linen and cotton can feel especially breezy in the summer, so a matching set of loose, flowing linen pants and a linen top, or a light cotton dress, for example, can both be great options for a psoriasis-friendly summer wardrobe.

Dry-fit, wicking fabrics or workout clothes made of the same can also help you beat the heat and prevent any moisture buildup on your skin.

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Short-sleeve tops or shorts might seem like the obvious option for summer, but keeping your skin covered (with breathable fabrics, of course) can actually help prevent psoriasis flares.

While sun exposure may be helpful for some people with psoriasis, and can actually reduce symptoms or improve skin appearance, too much sun can do the exact opposite. A sunburn in particular can kick existing psoriasis symptoms into overdrive, causing a lot of pain and irritation.

Long shirts and pants can help keep your skin safe from the sun, but if one or neither is possible, consider wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapplying regularly if you’re in direct sun. Sun shirts can also offer UV protection while keeping you cool in hot weather.

Keep in mind that light colors are a better option for summer clothing since they absorb less heat.

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A headband can keep your hair out of your face, but a hat can do the same while also protecting your face from the sun.

If you’ve been diagnosed with psoriasis, it’s important to remember to protect the skin on your face just as much as your arms or legs, for example. Your face can easily get sunburnt, which can lead to new or worsening psoriasis symptoms or flares.

A wide-brimmed sun hat can be a great accessory to just about any summer outfit, while also helping you stay cool in the summer heat. Since a hat offers extra coverage, it’ll protect your ears, head, and neck.

Baseball hats or straw hats with holes aren’t as effective, but they’re better than nothing if you simply want extra protection for your face and surrounding area.

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Flip-flops are often hailed as the ultimate summer shoe, but they aren’t always the best choice for folks diagnosed with psoriasis. Neither is walking around barefoot (such as on the beach).

That’s because flip-flops or walking barefoot exposes the skin on your feet to the sun. As an area of your body that’s prone to sweating, this could lead to skin irritation in addition to an increased risk for sunburn.

Choosing close-toed but well-ventilated shoes, like gym shoes or boat shoes, is always a safer option when it comes to building a psoriasis-friendly summer wardrobe.

But if close-toed shoes just don’t jive with the outfit you have in mind, or they’re not possible to wear, be sure to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to any exposed skin on your feet. Remember to reapply regularly as needed.

A psoriasis-friendly travel wardrobe for summer adventures doesn’t have to be boring.

Getting fun and creative with your outfits, while picking lightweight, breathable fabrics, can help you be stylish without sacrificing your comfort (or your skin).

Not only can smart outfits help you manage and even reduce psoriasis symptoms or flares, but they can also offer peace of mind and eliminate anxiety or stress that could come from wearing outfits that might irritate your skin.

In addition to psoriasis-friendly outfits, don’t forget to pack medication, moisturizer, and anything else you might need to have a healthy and fun summer travel adventure.