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Maybe it’s because everyone’s finally bored with minimalist design or maybe it’s because of our generation’s fondness for Wes Anderson films, but wallpaper is making a very loud comeback.

And since it’s more difficult than ever to buy a home, companies have adapted. Enter removable, temporary wallpaper.

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Design by Dana Davenport

Now to be clear, hanging this renter-friendly type of wallpaper isn’t easy, and the project is probably going to cost more than you expect it to. But once you make peace with those two facts, you can get to the fun part: choosing your design.

Read the instructions carefully

All of the wallpapers below are considered “removable,” which means they shouldn’t damage your paint job or walls when you take it down, but only if you follow their instructions. For example, many of these wallpapers won’t work on textured surfaces. Make sure to read every last word of the installation guide so you don’t jeopardize your security deposit.

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How we chose each product

We prioritized brands that provide thorough installation instructions and have overall satisfied customer reviews. (If we came across frequent comments about lack of quality or adhesive issues, we nixed them from the list.)

Beyond that, brands landed on our list for being both affordable and having an original sense of style.

Price guide

Most brands sell their products in different quantities, which makes it hard to easily compare one to the other. To make it easier on you, we calculated the rough average cost per square foot. Note that depending on which design you buy, price might vary a little.

Prices are per square foot:

$ = under $2
$$ = $2–$4
$$$ = over $4

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Best for the price: Tempaper

Tempaper hits the sweet spot for chic-looking removable wallpaper that won’t make you have to recalculate your budget for the month. We’re especially enthused about their creative designs, like these cute dinosaurs and this astrology pattern.

According to this writer for Business Insider who installed Tempaper in her home, it wasn’t super easy but the results made it worthwhile.

Price range$
Roll size20.5 in. x 33 ft. (56.37 sq. ft.)
Our favorite designBrass Belly
Materialtop coated vinyl
Where to shophttps://tempaper.com/wallpaper

Best bohemian prints: RoomMates Decor

If paisley wets your whistle or you dream of your grandparents’ linoleum floor (to each their own), you’ll want to check out the bohemian section of the RoomMates Decor peel and stick wallpaper.

The brand promises that the wallpaper will “stay on as long as you want” and that it won’t leave a sticky residue when you take it down.

Price range$
Roll size18 in. x 18.86 ft. (28.29 sq. ft.)
Our favorite designBohemian Damask Peel and Stick
Paper materialvinyl
Where to shophttps://roommatesdecor.com/collections/bohemian

Best textured prints: NuWallpaper

This no-frills brand specializes in simple, muted-pallet patterns. While you’re not going to find any bold or particularly artistic designs on this site, they do have a selection of textured patterns, which add dimension, not to mention being fun to run your hand against.

Price range$
Roll size20.5 in. x 18 ft. (30.75 sq. ft.)
Our favorite designIndigo Arden Self-Adhesive Wallpaper
Materialnot specified
Where to shophttps://www.wallpops.com/nuwallpaper

Best floral: Target

Ah Target, the store you can’t leave without spending twice as much as you planned. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the fast home decor store sells wallpaper, too. While the designs they offer aren’t particularly chic or sophisticated, you can’t beat the price.

Price range$
Roll size20.5 in. x 198 in. (27.5 sq. ft.)
Our favorite designMarker Floral
Materialself-adhesive vinyl
Where to shophttps://www.target.com/s?searchTerm=removeable+wallpaper

Chinoiserie style wallpaper: Marie Antoinette on a budget

This intricate and elegant design style is for the faux fancy out there.

  • Almond Blossoms Peel ‘n Stick from wallpaperie
  • Chinoiserie Bird wallpaper from WALLPAPERS4BEGINNERS
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Best overall: Chasing Paper

If you’re in the market for a wallpaper that says, “I’m an adult but I’m still fun,” check out Chasing Paper. Their patterns do a good a job at feeling modern while also making you slightly nostalgic for a time you’re not even sure of. This wallpaper would look especially great in a bathroom or on an accent wall.

Price range$$
Roll size2 ft. x 4, 8, or 12 ft.
Our favorite designDot Comb
Materialadhesive poly woven fabric, free from VOC, PVC and phthalates
Where to shophttps://www.chasingpaper.com/

Best animal prints: Hygge & West

Chic decor store Hygge & West, has a playful, imaginative — if limited — collection of removable wallpaper. They mostly stick to cool colors and their patterns are so detailed it might be hard to peel your eyes away from your walls.

Note: All removable wallpaper tiles are final sale (not returnable).

Price range$$
Roll size24 in. x 32 in. (5.3 sq. ft.)
Our favorite designNethercote
Materialmatte, polyester wall fabric
Where to shophttps://www.hyggeandwest.com/collections/removable-wallpaper-tiles

Best geometric: Spoonflower

Spoonflower works with independent artists to create their prints (there’s a blurb from the artist on each product page), which are classy and subtle. They provide a “Happiness Guarantee” so that if you receive a product that isn’t as expected, they’ll either reimburse you or reprint it.

Price range$$
Roll size24 in. x 1, 3, 9, or 12 ft.
Our favorite designAmai Geo Denim
Materialwoven-textured polyester fabric with adhesive backing (matte finish, formaldehyde-, phthalate-, and PVC-free)
Where to shophttps://www.spoonflower.com/en/peel-and-stick-removable-woven-wallpaper

Best ocean-themed: WallsNeedLove

This company has a truly massive selection of prints (556 results come up for “removable”). Many of their patterns are grand, like a statement piece, except the wall is the statement. For example, their “Dark Flora” section is a collection of giant, dramatic flower photos that make it feel like you’re a bug walking on the forest floor.

Price range$$
Roll sizeCustom order the quantity you need.
Our favorite designWaves of Chic
Adhesive typePVC- and VOC-free
Where to shophttps://wallsneedlove.com/pages/search-results-page?q=removable&tab=products&sort_by=sales_amount&page=1
  • Wood Wallpaper from Abyssaly
    • Reviews: 4,730+
  • Marble / Granite Wallpaper for Old Furniture from practicalWs
  • Black Silk Wallpaper from Abyssaly