Tasting Room

When it comes to wine, we’ve got champagne taste on a beer budget. We could consult a list of cheap wines that taste expensive, but after spending years drinking Two-Buck Chuck, we don’t really know what kind of wine we like—aside from the pricey bottles other people have paid for at fancy restaurants.

So when we heard about Tasting Room, a reasonably priced wine club that sends you a tasting kit to figure out which bottles you actually like, we knew we had to try it out. Sampling the six mini-bottles was the best quiz we’ve ever taken. Tasting Room’s website gives you step-by-step instructions, all you have to do is sip and compare. Then, the company’s algorithm does some wizardry and determines your unique wine profile. We like “juicy, party-pour reds” (think: Malbec or pinot noir). The profile includes food pairings, countries where the wines come from, and what you should tell your server at a restaurant to always end up with a glass you like.

And then, just like many other wine clubs, Tasting Room sends you a selection of high-quality wine. And since it’s based on your unique wine profile, you’ll actually like all of the bottles they send. Even though we’re super partial to reds, Tasting Room found a sauvignon blanc we are now obsessed with.

The default subscription sends you 12 bottles at a cost of about $14 per bottle every two months. But if you won’t drink a case that quickly, you can opt to get six ($15 per bottle) or two ($20 per bottle) in each shipment. Making it even more customizable, you can opt to get your shipment every month or quarterly. To start you off, Tasting Room is offering Greatist readers a discount on tasting kits. Enter promo code GREATIST on Tasting Room’s homepage and get your six mini-bottle sampler for just $6.95!