Welcome to Behind the Confidence, a video series about the real, unfiltered journey to self-belief. We talked to four health and wellness pros who prove true confidence doesn’t stem from a “like,” nor does it magically happen overnight. It’s about finding what makes you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Jenné Claiborne’s bright smile is contagious. So when you scroll through her blog, Sweet Potato Soul, or her Instagram feed full of vegan creations and stylish snapshots, it’s easy to assume she never has an off day. But the truth is: No one’s perfect. “When I first started my journey as a vegan professional, it was hard,” she says. “But everything I worked hard for… I’m really seeing the rewards.”

In this video, Claiborne talks about the struggles she faced while following her dreams and the moments she actually lost her confidence. The best part: She’s got advice for how you too can stick it out when times get tough.