The Focused Fighter

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Muay Thai’s the name of the game for GreatistYou contestant Regina Postrekhina. Which is not to be confused with the delicious mai tai—Regina will be doing anything but sipping cocktails these next six weeks. She’s training to be a badass Muay Thai fighter by following a strict training routine at her go-to gym in Brooklyn.

Her biggest struggles so far have to do with endurance, so she’s going to have to push herself harder than ever before with a brutal training schedule. The only thing she’s worried about? “Giving up ice cream,” Regina says. Still, she’s excited to overcome “epic obstacles” like training hours and see if she can help motivate others along the way. At the end of the six weeks, her Muay Thai coach will put her through a round of drills and skills so we can measure just how far she’s come.