Welcome to GreatistYou, a new social experiment where we see what happens when five people decide to change their health—and broadcast their journeys for everyone to see. Four goals, five contestants, and six weeks to crush said goals for the promise of a better life (oh, and $1,000!).

You think you’ve had a long week? Darby and Adrienne (@greatistdanda) have you beat. The pair spent last weekend on the road, followed by a huge move that zapped their energy. Among the chaos, they still managed to find some time to work out and told us how excited they are to use their enormous new kitchen for cooking. Wait, an enormous kitchen in Brooklyn? How’d they swing that?

Still, when life hands you lemons… use those proverbial lemons to get healthy. During their move, Darby climbed the equivalent of 41 flights of stairs. Wow. They’ve also mentioned how pumped they are to take advantage of the basketball court nearby. Guys, Brooklyn is magical.


  • Jasmine (@greatistjasmine) faced a tough moment while trying to figure out what to eat from a Whole30-unfriendly restaurant and had to pregame with kiwi, mango, and cashews.
  • After finding out she has a better chance of securing an opponent in a slightly higher weight class, Regina (@greatistregina) has made the executive decision to end her diet. Woohoo! She’s still looking for someone to fight, so if you’re around 110 pounds and aren’t too afraid to get into the ring with a Muay Thai master, let us know.
  • Brandon (@greatistbrandon) threw together a random salad that we hope ended up being delicious. Please report back ASAP.