Get ready to grin from ear to ear. This video of CrossFit athlete Khan Porter dancing to “Single Ladies” as he gets ready for a snatch makes us want to pop, lock, and drop it too.

But the video isn’t just eye candy. The Australian athlete has an important message to share: We’ve come a long way in how we think about masculinity. (After all, the response to his video has been overwhelmingly positive.) But guys still feel pressured to show a steely toughness, and they’re often chastised when opening up about personal struggles (see: “you’re being a pussy.”) “Just as it’s OK for blokes to dance, it’s OK for them to battle mentally and emotionally sometimes too,” Porter writes in a post on Facebook. “If a bunch of people can watch a 25-second video, surely they can also spare the time to ask one of their mates if everything is OK.”