Has a fashion blog, magazine, annoying relative, or random stranger ever told you that something isn’t “flattering” on you? That’s what makes #ImFlattered, a social campaign from clothing company SmartGlamour, so cool. Women posefor photos, holding signs with the negative comments they’ve received (“Put those girls away!” or “Big girls shouldn’t wear prints.”) to call out how ridiculous, insulting, and hurtful those remarks can be.

Best part? The women are rocking the exact type of outfit they’ve been shamed for—reminding everyone that they can wear whatever the hell they want.”After all, the actual definition of flattering is ‘pleasing, gratifying,’ and if someone is pleased with themselves, why would you want to screw that up?” writes Mallorie Dunn, the company’s founder, in a blog post about the campaign. Amen to that!

Check out photos from this badass campaign below.