Gift exchanges are supposed to be fun, but how many times have they ended with you frantically running up and down the aisles of CVS or Walgreens looking for a last-minute present?

Finding the right Secret Santa gift is a true dilemma. It has to be personal but not too personal, nice but not expensive, and useful without being showboaty. Lucky for you, we found 14 really great options that fit the bill so you can go forth and give with confidence.

1. Dude Sweet Chocolate Crack in a Box

No, this isn’t actual crack, but damn is it close. The secret? Dude Sweet candies the nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia, and soy nuts, to be exact) before mixing them with chocolate for this addictive, bark-style treat. P.S. If your giftee is allergic to nuts, Dude Sweet’s dark chocolate-sesame-balsamic bars are equally delicious (even if they don’t have as fun of a name).($14;

2. Greetabl

Whether you drew someone you don’t know very well or you’re just swamped with a capital S, it’s totally acceptable to phone a friend—namely, Greetabl. Choose a small item from the Greetabl shop (gummies, candles, confetti, lip balm, tea, the list goes on), pick a box design, add photos and a personal message, and you’re set with a super-thoughtful gift that didn’t take you hours to find.($12-$37;

3. Copper Cow Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit

This coffee kit is about as extra as it gets (without costing a fortune). It comes with five biodegradable, pour-over filters that are prefilled with sustainably sourced Vietnamese coffee and five packs of sweetened condensed milk. Watch everyone from French press loyalists to old-fashioned drip drinkers fall in love with this tasty brew.($15;

4. Good Mood Bracelet

If the person you drew needs a little boost, this noncheesy motivational bracelet is just the thing. They can even register their bracelet, pass it on when they want to inspire someone else, and then track its journey online. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.($18;

5. Eric Trine Peace Sign Hook

Though these peace signs look chill, your recipient will be anything but when they unwrap one. The quirky, versatile hooks are a fun way to add personality to a bathroom, bedroom, entryway, or office space.($22;

6. Urban Leaf Edible Flowers Window Garden Kit

Whether your recipient is a plant parent or lacks a green thumb, they won’t have a problem growing these pretty, edible flowers. They’re super easy to plant and can water themselves for up to a month. It doesn’t get more low maintenance than that.($22;

7. Areaware Tonkotsu Ramen Puzzle

This mini puzzle combines to make a savory bowl of ramen in 20 minutes (or less), so it’s perfect for foodies or anyone in need of a short screen break.($15;

8. TrueZoo Cheese, Please Drink Charms

Wine glass markers are usually so meh (and TBH, kinda silly), but it’s impossible not to love these cheesy guys. If your budget cap allows, pair with a bottle of wine for extra oomph.($10;

9. Wildfang RBG Pin

When in doubt, give the gift of justice and feminist power via this Ruth Bader Ginsburg pin. Because your Secret Santa present shouldn’t just be good, it should be Notorious.($14;

10. 1 Page at a Time

Know someone who loves to-do lists or is an aspiring bullet journaler? Make their day with this sunny book, which contains 365 writing, drawing, and perspective-shifting prompts to log the year ahead. Part scrapbook, part journal, 100 percent great Secret Santa gift.($13;

11. Sasoham Butterfly Sticky Notes

Charming and just plain cute, these sticky notes do it better than your average Post-it. The butterfly stickies come in five colors and have just enough realistic detail to be adorable, not creepy. And honestly, what daily reminders wouldn’t look more inspiring on the back of a butterfly?($8;

12. Frostbeard Studio Wizardy Buttery Drink Candle

Bookworms, get ready: These handmade soy candles are inspired by books and the magic of reading. This particular fragrance is a nod to Harry Potter’s drink of choice, but you can also choose from scents like Headmaster’s Office, Bookstore, Sherlock’s Study, and Winter Keep. Yeah, order a couple for yourself too.($18;

13. Meri Meri Cactus Shaker Tree Ornament

This ornament includes three things just about everyone loves: confetti, a pompom, and a cactus. It’ll look great on your giftee’s tree and serves as a festive, makeshift fidget spinner whenever they need a dose of holiday stress relief cheer.($10;

14. Andy Warhol Dominoes

Because pop art is supposed to be fun, the Whitney Museum put famous Andy Warhol camouflage prints on a set of wooden dominoes. Gift it to a museum goer or anyone who appreciates a good game of chicken foot.($30;

Still in search of the perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas right here.

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