Recolor App

Adult coloring books are now topping best-seller lists. It makes sense: In our fast-paced world, sitting down with paper and pencil is a cheap and easy way to zone out and destress.

But in practice, coloring isn’t always relaxing. If you’re Type A like us, you worry about staying inside the lines. And since we spend most of our day typing, our hand cramps after gripping a colored pencil for a few minutes. Nothing a little technology can’t fix.

Recolor app (available on iOS) lets you choose from dozens of free illustrations (some are even 3-D!) depicting everything from nature to fashion to food. Select a hue from the bottom of the screen and start coloring (er, tapping). If you get bored with the free illustrations, you can pony up $7.99 per month for hundreds more, or you can upload pages you find online.

We also love the app’s finishing touches. They work like Instagram filters to make the final product look like it’s been done with pencils, markers, acrylic paint, or even watercolors. But the best part? You can now have your moment of Zen anywhere and time you choose.