How does that old saying go? “Pizza is a lot like sex: When it’s good, it’s really good. And when it’s bad… it’s still pretty good.” OK, that’s probably true for pizza, but there’s just no excuse for bad sex — even if you’re pregnant.

It may take a minute to find your groove during your pregnancy, but what better time to experiment?

If you’re wringing your hands about whether pregnant sex is safe, don’t stress. Some couples tend to worry that intercourse could hurt or even hurry their baby right out. Nope. Fake news. Don’t let these janky old myths steal your O.

Pregnant sex is totally safe to enjoy (with the exception of high-risk pregnancy factors like placenta previa), and it’s good for the momma-to-be and her partner.

As long as you’re physically comfortable, almost everything is on the table. So, unless your doctor has given you the red light for some reason, you have every right to get busy.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best positions for getting jiggy during your pregnancy. (You’re welcome.)

Yes, you’re the Christmas tree topper, you’re the shining star. In this boss move, you’re in control of it all — pace, angle, etc. Meanwhile, your partner gets the full 5-star view of your beautiful self.

This one is always a go-to, but while pregnant, you may find that your body is more sensitive than usual. Being on top means you’re operating the control panel and can guide yourself to an oh-so-perfect climax while also being as gentle as you need. Cheers!

You know the drill: You’re on your hands and knees while your partner enters from behind. This one is classic and is easy to pull off while pregnant, since you have lots of grounded limbs for support so you can worry less about balance and groove.

One note: If you find this position causes back pain, use it sparingly. We’ve got plenty of other moves on this list if you need to switch it up!

The clitoral stimulation is off the charts here because you’re the one holding the reins, cowgirl. All you do is (gently) get on top and turn around, so you’re facing your partner’s feet. Now your booty is facing your partner while you ride on.

Leaning forward or backward gives you the freedom to hit the spot, wherever it may be. Just hold on to your partner’s legs or knees for support. Happy trails!

No fancy maneuvering, no straining. This fan favorite doesn’t need penetration to have a good time. Oral stimulation is good for all trimesters and gives you a beautiful opportunity to lay back and tune out. Get it, girl.

Cue the “awww”s. Spooning is not just for, er, spooning. Lying on your side means you’re nice and comfortable while your belly is out of the way.

Due to its gentle nature, this one is probably best when your belly is at its biggest. Cuddling while sexing? Not a bad BOGO.

Bet you thought this one wouldn’t make the list. That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

There are some ground rules, though…

What you’ll need:

  • a good splashing of lube
  • a fair amount of foreplay to get things warmed up
  • a condom (to steer clear of STIs and bacteria)

Check your list and enjoy! Just be sure to take it slow and easy at first. This one is safe for all trimesters, but you’ll need to proceed with caution.

Best practice for anal means no transferring of hands, toys, tongues, or penises from booty to vag. Swapping like this can be messy — literally — and can complicate your pregnancy.

Go ahead and lean against a wall to test this one out. Standing up is fun in the first and second trimester, but you may get a little pooped in this position when your belly grows bigger.

Just stand with your hands on the wall and spread ’em (like you’re being frisked). This is a good way to get some support, and it makes for super easy access to be taken from behind. It’s a good role-play opportunity too. Think police officer hat and cuffs.

Take a seat! This one speaks for itself, and you have a couple options.

1. While your partner sits any old where (probably on the edge of some sturdy furniture), sit facing away from them. Now you’re both comfortable and your partner’s hands are free to roam. This is a good time to have your breasts or clit stroked.

2. You sit somewhere comfortable, facing your partner, and let them do their thing.

Either option delivers max satisfaction while you relax and enjoy the ride. Take a load off, sis.

This one is sweet and romantic. You and your partner lie facing each other, and one of you swings your leg over the other. You’re on your side (again, so comfortable), and you can keep one leg straight to get a nice angle going.

Feel free to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes, since you’re cheek to cheek here, while staying totally cozy in bed. Too cute.

This move is as gentle as a lamb. Since your legs are intercrossed, this position makes for slower penetration, which you may appreciate during more sensitive or sore times. Still sexy, still gets the job done.

Ahhhhhhh. This one is beyond comfy. Just lie down with your booty on the edge of a bed, couch, table, whatever, and have your partner support your legs by holding them on either side of their body while standing.

They enter from this position and boom — you’re both comfortable and ready for action. It’s a win-win.

Ride ’em, cowgirl (again). This time, your partner is kneeling (instead of lying down) while you lean back onto them, reverse cowgirl-style. This means little pressure on your back and a nice transition move into doggy style (in case you were looking for one).

This move has you chilling on the edge of a bed (or futon or whatever — you do you!), simply sitting up while your partner is leaning or on their knees on the floor in front of you.

They scoop you up and bring you in nice and close, and you both have at it. Another nice opportunity to sit down while living your best life.

There are some moves you’ll want to avoid — luckily, they’re the more basic (read: boring) ones.

  • Missionary (your partner on top). Old Reliable here can actually restrict blood flow to momma and baby. Hit the snooze button on this one until after baby arrives.
  • Anything flat on your tummy. For obvious reasons, lying on your stomach for any reason, sexy time or not, is not going to be super comfortable or safe while you’re pregnant.
  • PSA: Don’t blow it. While this isn’t a move per se, don’t let air get blown up there. When your partner is servicing you orally or otherwise, make sure they don’t blow air directly into your vagina. Although it’s rare, a sudden burst of air can cause an air embolism, which can be very dangerous, even fatal (whoa).

Listen, your body is busy creating an actual human — it’s cool if you’re tired! You can still get it on while relaxing. Take note and take it easy, momma.


Time to crack open your toy box. Or better yet, do some sexy shopping if your current collection just won’t cut it. Toys are a fun way to spice things up. Plus, they’re a speedy, non-laborious way to the job done — a total bonus when you’re pregnant.

Mutual masturbation

Sometimes this option just doesn’t get enough love. For those times you’re totally zonked but still horny as a rhino, either give each other a hand — literally — or watch each other indulge in some self-love.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

When your belly is growing, it may be tougher to see what’s going on down there. Mirrors can point you in the right direction — plus, they’re hot. Your partner will have no qualms about the double vision. Helpful and sexy? A-OK by us.

Pillow fight

Go ahead and stock up on some comfy pillows and toss them into any of these positions for more support, better angles, comfort, you name it. Create the pillow fort of your dreams and get it on.