Ozempic itself doesn’t cause sagging skin. However, you might experience loose skin due to rapid weight loss.

Ozempic itself doesn’t directly cause loose skin. But you know what can be? Super fast weight loss.

Are you worried Ozempic will give you a saggy butt? While there might be a connection, Ozempic doesn’t directly cause loose skin. Instead, it’s likely linked to changes in your body composition during your weight loss journey. Here’s the deal!

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Saggy skin is a common symptom of rapid weight loss. Loose skin can occur on any part of the body, including the butt.

“Similar to rapid weight loss of the face, the buttocks can respond similarly, much like a deflated balloon,” says board-certified dermatologist Kellie Reed, MD. “It all depends on how much weight loss there is, and how much adipose (tissue made of mostly fat cells) or weight there was to begin with.

Are you curious about some of the science at play here? You know collagen? Thatprotein that’s all over our skin, connective tissue, and bones that keeps nice and tight?

Well, collagen really goes through it when someone undergoes massive weight loss, and this can leave visible changes in the body.

A 2015 study examining skin in people with morbid obesity and massive weight loss found that patients’ skin after massive weight loss became noticeably weaker, thanks to thinner, less dense collagen fibers.

So, Ozempic isn’t the direct culprit behind noticeable changes in the skin after losing serious weight. Instead, it’s thanks to the thinning of collagen fibers and damage to its elastic fibers after someone loses a significant amount of weight quickly.

Some of us internet sleuths may challenge ourselves to a guessing game of which of our favorite celebrities or even our co-workers are possibly using Ozempic after suspiciously thin photos grace our social feeds, but it’s low-key a pointless pursuit.

“There is no tell-tale sign to determine if someone is on Ozempic as there can be numerous reasons someone may have weight loss or even rapid weight loss,” Reed says.

And OFC, not all of these suddenly skinny peeps will indulge the world on whether or not they’re using Ozempic.

While we can speculate all day, the truth is that rapid weight usually comes with noticeable changes in the body. But there’s no official way to tell what someone may or may not be doing for weight loss.

Ozempic itself will not give you a saggy butt. But you may notice changes to your body after losing a ton of weight, like sagging skin on your backside, Ozempic use or not.