Man boobs are normal and super common. But if you want to reduce your moobs, some tweaks to your overall nutrition and exercise habits will help.

If you’re a male assigned at birth (MAAB) with man boobs, you’ve got plenty of company. If that’s not the look you’re going for, though, here’s the scoop on how to get rid of man boobs naturally.

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Moobs (aka gynecomastia) can result from certain medications and rare conditions like testicular tumors, liver failure, hyperthyroidism, or chronic renal failure. Certain genetic factors or phases of life like puberty or andropause (the period later in life when MAAB’s naturally produce less testosterone) might also contribute to moob growth.

But, the most common reason you might have man boobs is simple weight gain. Once you and your doctor have determined that the moobs popped out because you let the pounds pile up, here are some concrete tips to help reduce your moobs and build up the muscle underneath.

Remember, like all boobs, the main ingredient of moobs is fat. Unfortunately, you can’t really target which part of your body loses fat first, so you’ll have to commit to losing weight all around. Good news: once the fat shrinks, the moobs deflate. And when it comes to burning off fat, cardio is like that torch chef’s use to burn your dessert.

To avoid injury, start small and level up step by step. Once you ramp up your routine, try these sweat-inducing workouts to take your fat-burning journey to the next level:

To help yourself commit to an exercise routine, here’s a simple hack: Listen to your favorite podcast or watch your favorite TV show during your cardio workout… but only during your cardio workout. If you want to find out what happens in the next episode, you must exercise to find out. This way, you have a massive incentive to dive into your fat burning sesh and keep the routine going.

Unlike fat, you can zero in on specific areas to build muscle. So once the fat starts to slough off, your pecs can now step up to the forefront. To avoid skin sag and sculpt your chest into something less boob-like, incorporate these chest-centric exercises into your routine:

Take a good look at your eating habits to help build that new pec meat and keep the moob-feeding fat away. Here are some dietary tips to help you shed that chest fat:

  • cut back on processed foods
  • load up on lean protein
  • eat plenty of fruits and veggies
  • watch your portions
  • go easy on the booze

To tackle man boobs (gynecomastia), focus on diet and exercise. Regular cardio, like walks or cycling, boosts metabolism. Add in HIIT for fat loss. Resistance training, like bench presses or pushups, builds chest muscle. Opt for a low-fat, high-protein diet to break the cycle. With dedication, you’ll see results!