Everybody loves a good challenge. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Social Workout to present DIY Health, a month-long challenge consisting ofhome-cooked meals and bodyweight exercises.

How does it work?

For the month of April, you’re challenged to two goals: cook one healthy meal per day (we’re talkin’ twice baked potatoes or a breakfast burrito— no instant oatmeal!) and complete 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises daily. Log your activity on the DIY Health landing page, watch your progress and see your points add up, and cheer on other challengers along the way.

Throughout the month, we’ll also be posting awesome recipe ideas, exercise tips, and workout suggestions — all to make the challenge more inspiring and fun. And we want you to join the conversation, too: What killer tabata workout did you do, or what awesome salad did you pack for lunch? #Humblebrags are encouraged.

The challenge beings on Monday, April 1st, so sign up today and gear up to challenge yourself, DIY style.And bonus! There will be awesome prizes for people who not only stick to the rules, but dish out the most enthusiasm and help motivate others along the way.

Join the DIY Health challenge today — we’ll see you out there!