There are thousands of new recipes posted online every day. We love trolling sites like Pinterest, Gojee, and Tastespotting as much as the next person, but we realize that can be a huge time drain. This week, we decided to let our hair down and feature some festive holiday drink recipes. Get out the cocktail shakers and citrus zesters, because these delicious libations are perfect for a holiday party or New Year’s Eve bash. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Christmas Sangria via Katie at the Kitchen Door This easy recipe combines wine, apple cider, brandy, and plenty of fresh fruit.

Photo: Katie / Katie at the Kitchen Door

Spicy Spiked Cider via Inspired Taste Get ready for some serious spices — this libation includes cloves, cinnamon sticks, orange peel, and anise. Make it non-alcoholic by taking out the rum.

Photo: Adam / Inspired Taste

Light Nutella Eggnog via The Realistic Nutritionist Who doesn’t love a rich glass of eggnog? This version combines the classic holiday flavor with delicious Nutella. The bonus? It has less fat and fewer calories than the store-bought stuff.

Photo: The Realistic Nutritionist

Honey Sage Gin Fizz via How Sweet It Is This grown-up drink is perfect for a holiday get-together. The recipe recommends coating part of the glass rim with bacon crumbles (!), but regular sea salt can sub in for those who don’t like to mix Christmas dinner and cocktail hour.

Photo: Jessica / How Sweet It Is

Scandinavian Glogg via Boulder Locavore Mix up a batch of this spiced wine for your next party. Glogg is a traditional Scandinavian holiday beverage that includes orange, raisins, cloves, and blanched almonds. Serve it hot to stay warm from the inside out!

Photo: Toni Dash / Boulder Locavore

Aperol Champagne Cocktail via Chez Us This classy cocktail will set the tone for a swanky New Year’s Eve party. Just combine Aperol (an Italian aperitif) and champagne, and add a lime twist as garnish.

Photo: Denise and Lenny / Chez Us

Peppermint Cosmo via Some Kitchen Stories A dash of peppermint extract makes this ruby-red drink perfect for sipping around the fire. Add fresh mint leaves and candy canes to make the mint flavor really stand out.

Photo: Nicole Ziegler / Some Kitchen Stories

Sparkling Rosemary and Pear Cocktail via Glitter Guide This elegant drink combines unexpected flavors and a touch of fizz. To make a virgin version, sub in sparkling white grape juice for the wine or champagne.

Photo: Caitlin / Glitter Guide

Hot Toddy via Indiaphile This holiday beverage is a favorite among Greatist staffers. The perfect combination of lemon, cinnamon, anise, and bourbon is a winter classic for a reason.

Photo: Puja and Steve / Indiaphile

Blood Orange French 75 via Cookie and Kate Use this oh-so-classy cocktail to toast the New Year in style. This version of the French 75 has the usual champagne and gin, plus tangy blood orange juice.

Photo: Kate / Cookie and Kate

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