This week we don’t remember anything that happened. Entirely kidding. In fact, we learned how to remember everything from the vital stuff (the Macarena, for instance) to where we last left our keys. Since school’s back in session for many of you, we laid out some tips on how to set a routine that sticks, and some sounds that help you rack up that beauty sleep (and then pick up hotties in class). This week we also delved into the Paleo diet, and analyzed it’s pros and cons to see if we should eat like our great, great, great, great… grandparents. — Nicole McDermott.


How to Remember Everything

From names at a party to where we left those damn keys, here are all the tricks for remembering the most important stuff.

Back to Work: How to Set a Routine that Sticks

It’s almost time to say sayonara to summer. Get back into the groove at school (or work) with these simple strategies.

How Certain Sounds Help Us Sleep

One sheep, two sheep — hold the phone. There are easier ways to fall asleep, like listening to some favorite tunes or embracing the sounds of nature. Read on to find out about other sounds that can help us get a good night’s rest.

Quote: The Difference Between School and Life

It’s almost back to school time, so Greatist dug up a quote sure to inspire test-taking students and alums alike. Turns out life’s tests are a little harder.

News: Talk to Yourself to Stay Motivated

Need a willpower boost? A new study suggests talking to yourself in the second person can help increase self-control.

My Greatist Routine: Gretchen Rubin

What does it mean to be a greatist? We asked Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, who blogs about her daily adventures in the pursuit of happiness. Read on for an inside look at her down-to-earth routine.


Debunking Diets: Paleo Pros and Cons

Would our modern digestive systems benefit from our 10,000 year old predecessors’ dietary habits? Greatist takes a closer look at the Paleo diet.

Why We Itch (And How to Stop It)

They’re itchy, they’re scratchy, and they’re not going away. We take a look at why we all itch and explain how to soothe the pain of four common irritants from bites to bugs to plants.

Superfood: Avocado

Avocados aren’t just good for guacamole. Turns out these green fruits are full of equal parts health properties and deliciousness.

Self-Tracking and the Quantified Self Movement

With apps and fancy gadgets, or just a pen and paper, self-tracking our health has become a spreading phenomenon. From stress levels to blood draws, Greatist take a deeper look at the Quantified Self Movement.

#imagreatist Tips To Reach Health Goals

Try something new and take it one step at a time. Our readers taught us this — and more — during last week’s #imagreatist tip roundup.

Dangerfood: Beef Jerky

Sports lovers and camping enthusiasts may be huge fans of beef jerky, but let’s take a closer look: the tough stuff is high in calories and sodium, and may even contain carcinogens.

20 Years Later, Baby Got Back Gets Movie Overdub

Is this mega mashup enough to get Baby Got Back into your workout playlist? Either way, this week’s video has all the makings for a mind-blowing experience.

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Breakfast Quinoa

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! This sweet quinoa dish makes a perfect breakfast for a rainy day or when your inner chocoholic comes out in the morning.

33 Environmentally Friendly Eating Habits

Eating green is good for the body and for the planet. Read on to learn about 33 environmentally friendly eating trends that are growing in popularity—and learn how you can incorporate some of them into your own eating habits.

16 Tips to Conquer Buffet Binging

Buffets and access to free food access bring out our worst eating behaviors. Whether you’re back at the college cafeteria or hitting an all-you-can eat wings joint tonight, Greatist has 16 science-backed strategies to stop you from overindulging.

Recipe: Peach Rosemary Crisp

You’re in for a real treat with this dessert combining the natural sweetness of summery peaches with a savory twist.

Greatist Hits the Road: The Lean Cuisine Culinary Roundtable

Greatist’s Health Editor Kate Morin is going on a culinary adventure — and you get to follow along!


8 Effective Strength Training Techniques to Try Now

Is that gym routine getting a little bland? We’ve got 8 killer strength training techniques to spice things up and keep muscles guessing.

Greatist Hits the Road: Hood to Coast with Nuun

Greatist’s outreach director and staff writer, Laura Schwecherl, is running one of the largest running relays in the world. Follow along on her journey from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast with a pair of sneakers and some awesome teammates!

My Greatist Routine: Mark Sisson

What does it mean to be a greatist? We asked Mark Sisson, the voice behind Mark’s Daily Apple and author of The Primal Diet. Read on for an inside look at his day-to-day routine.