This week we did a lot of eating, and a lot of workin’ out! We looked into the idea of selective gyms, and asked you if putting bans on certain body types has its merits. And then came up with 35 quick and healthy low-cal lunches and a month’s worth of delicious high-protein snacks to keep us full and happy between workouts. Plus, we highlighted 37 healthier dressings, condiments, and marinades to make any summer celebration a little bit healthier. And our founder Derek made it halfway through his #Absperiment! — Nicole McDermott

Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

How to Choose the Healthiest Salad Greens

A healthy salad starts with a nutrient-packed base. But not all greens are created equal. Find out which greens are worth piling high (infographic included!).

35 Quick and Healthy Low-Calorie Lunches

Need a healthy lunch? Here are 35 options. With a little planning, they can all be prepared in seven minutes or less. It’s time to kick that brown-bag lunch up a notch!

Scoop by Scoop: How Frozen Desserts Stack Up

Ice cream, fro-yo, sorbet, oh my! When it’s time to indulge, some treats may be better than others. Get the scoop on their nutritional info in this tasty ice cream infographic.

Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Turns Obsessive

When diet dedication always wins over killer weekend plans, it might be a sign that too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Meet Orthorexia, a form of disordered eating that might seem like an innocent obsession.

13 Health Stats Ever 20-Something Should Know

Lets face it — we’re not all young and invincible. Here are the heath stats young adults should be aware of to stay healthy for years on end.

37 Healthier Dressings, Spreads, and Marinades

Sick and tired of additive-filled bottled dressings and spreads? Here are 37 healthier homemade alternatives to brighten up any salad, sandwich, or grilling session.

Recipe: Baked Chickpea Burgers

These herb and veggie packed chickpea burgers are a great Mediterranean meat-free twist on the classic burger.

Hack Your BBQ: Smoked Lemonade and Superfast Grilling

Cooking out this summer? We’ve got 5 grilling tips and hacks to make sure that next barbecue session stays in everyone’s memory long after the food is gone.

31 Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks

This July, don’t get in a snack time rut. Here are 31 tasty and inventive high-protein snacks — one for every day of the month!

Recipe: White Bean Basil Hummus

This lighter take on classic hummus will be a staple on the picnic table all summer long. The secret? Fresh basil and white beans (in place of chick peas). The best part? Eight ingredients and it’s on the table in 5 minutes or less.


Six-Pack Abs in Six Weeks #Absperiment: The Little Things

Our founder goes on a six-pack abs in six weeks challenge and shares his journey… so you don’t have to. Follow along on his recap of Week Two

We Did It: NYC Endurance

Last week, The Greatist Team met up with the coaches from NYC Endurance to learn the finer points of running form, with an emphasis on intensity over mileage.

Quote: Lebron James on Winning with Commitment

Sure the Miami Heat are the NBA’s newest champions, but Lebron James didn’t get there just through skill. Commitment — to his sport, his family, and his principles — is paramount for everyone, NBA champion or not.

Links We Love: The Greatest Athlete Ever (and More)

Ready for some weekend link-love? From bringing Chipotle to our own kitchen to how loneliness affects our health, we’ve found our favorite links from around the web.

Slip ‘n’ Slide Fail Compilation Rings in the Summer

The taller they are, the harder the Slip ‘N’ Slide becomes. Check out these funny fails to ring in the dog days of summer.

Soccket’s a Soccer Ball That Can Charge Your Cellphone

Part soccer ball, part electricity source, Soccket’s lighting up developing countries across the globe.

Is there Science Behind Gyms “Banning” Skinny People?

Some gyms are catering to larger clientele — with one even banning “skinny” gym-goers. Greatist looks at the debate and reasoning behind the hubbub.

Know Before You Go: Camping

Camping may not be as simple as pitching a tent with a hiking stick in hand. So before taking to the trail, make sure you’re prepared for anything.


Adults Can Learn New Languages, Here’s Why

There’s more to language learning than picking up dates in a foreign country. We investigated some of the craziest methods of adult language education out there.

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