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Looking for a creative way to give back this holiday season? Then cue Vitamin Angels' Precious Cargo Campaign, which aims to provide vitamins to 30 million children around the globe. They’re raising money to be able to transport essential vitamins to remote villages, whether by plane, train, automobile, or foot. Another perk is that once they raise $100,000, Vitamin Angel’s partners will match that — immediately doubling its monetary impact.

Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce child mortality by providing essential nutrients to children around the world. Malnutrition can lead to stunted growth, poor brain development, disease, and death, but with proper vitamins, children can attain healthy, productive lives Malnutrition and mortality. Van den Brock, J. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 1995 September; 88(9): 487–490..

Why It Matters

What’s really cool about this campaign is its simplicity. Vitamin Angels is trying to tackle a huge problem, but is doing so without too many bells and whistles. In their promo video they profile three-year-old Vilma. Vilma lives in the mountains of Peru and mainly eats a diet of potatoes. She needs essential micronutrients in order to avoid malnutrition and live a healthy, fruitful life. We learn there are millions of other children around the world like Vilma, and Vitamin Angels needs the funds to deliver vitamins to children who need it most.

The video doesn’t go into too many nitty-gritty details, but it explains enough to hook a viewer and entice them to help. You won’t hear depressing music or see sad pictures of malnourished children either, dodging the infamous “Charity Fatigue” (feeling emotionally burnt out and unmotivated to help) that unfortunately plagues many charitable organizations.

In fact, the Precious Cargo Campaign is a pretty positive one, placing its focus on how a small donation can make a huge impact — protecting children from disease, helping them reach their potential in school, and in turn increasing their economic opportunity. Who knew a simple vitamin could go such a long way?

To learn more about the Precious Cargo Campaign or to donate to the cause, check out their website.

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