The New York Times – The Cook Who Couldn’t Taste (via Leah Rocketto)

Months before enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America, a car struck Molly Birnbaum. She suffered from a broken pelvis, fractured skull, and several other head injuries that resulted in the loss of her senses. Read how she overcame this obstacle and managed to continue with her passion.

VIDEO – Soccer Sensation (via Jordan Shakeshaft)

Indi Cowie does things that no one else on the planet can do and she’s only 16. A glimpse into the life of a freestyle soccer phenom:

VIDEO Incredible Human Feats(via Kristine Lockwood)

These can’t all be real. But the ones that are remind us that with strength, determination, and a whole lot of fearlessness, just about anything is possible.

And finally, today’s #Greatist Sunday brunch from Energy Kitchen: